For the ones that plan to spend a vacation during the winter, a special destination suitable for a family travel is Santa Fe – USA.

Situated in New Mexico, in southwestern USA, it is a historical city.

Founded in 1607 by Spanish, it is the oldest USA capital, houses the oldest USA road between Santa Fe and Chihuahua in Mexico. More than these, here you can see the oldest public building of USA, The Governors’ Palace, built at the beginning of XVII century.

You can get to Santa Fe by international flights that arrive at Albuquerque, 105 km far.

The city can be visited walking down. If you choose to stay outside the town or skiing is necessary to rent a car.

Santa Fe

How we spend the holidays?

During your travel you can relax or have an active vacation depending on your wishes because there is offer for all:

• explore the shiny stuff and the works of the best artists of America when you visit the shops and galleries situated in down town and on The Canyon Road.

• visit The Governors’ Palace, Georgia O’Keeffe and Hill Museum.

• travel with your children in the evening by “Polar Express” on South Railway Santa Fe.

• enjoy the ski slops of Ski Santa Fe or the route Dalle Ball.

• take a rest at “The Ten Thousands Waves”, to take a bath at this famous Japanese thermal bath.

If you choose to travel during the Christmas holiday, you will have the opportunity to attend to the wonderful Baroque Show at Loretto Chapel. In the Christmas days the public lightning is closed, the cars are not allowed to run and you can enjoy of “farolitos” (a special candle) lights when walk along The Canyon Road. The galleries welcome their visitors with hot cider and cakes.

In many of the Americans’ native villages (pueblos), between 24 – 29 December take place sacred dances that can be seen by audience. Christmas day is the best moment to meet these traditions.