Yellowstone National Park is one of the most toured destination in the world. It includes a number of amusement areas where you can spend some quality outdoor time. While on your holiday at Yellowstone National park, ensure you visit the Grand Prismatic Spring and explore the beauty of nature of this spectacular city. The Grand Prismatic spring has been regarded as one of the top three largest hot springs in the world. It is also the largest natural hot spring in US. It does not matter whether or not you are an adult, you will always find something to smile about at this destination.

Grand Prismatic Spring

Vivid colors of Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park – USA.

The Grand Prismatic Spring is located in the famous Midway Geyser Basin and covers a diameter of about 300 feet. The water at this destination boils at an amazing 160 Fahreneit degrees. This spectacular natural attraction based in Yellowstone is most known for its tremendous range of colors that change over and over around the year. During summer, you will come across the warm red and orange tomes which obviously match with the hot summer weather. You may also want to visits this destination during winter or spring and enjoy viewing the beautiful green tones. It does not matter the time or season you tour this destination, you will always see the center of this pool sparkling in an azure blue color which contrasts dramatically with the colors on the outer edges.

You may explore the Grand Prismatic Spring in a number of ways. For instance, those who love hiking can head towards the Fairy Fall fort a lifetime hiking experience. At the Fairy Falls, you will also experience magnificent views of the Yellowstone National Park. You also choose to follow the famous 0.8 mile for a unique board walking experience. The boardwalk circles past the Excelsior Geyser. Those who love to adventure may enjoy a flight on the Yellowstone Helicopter Tour and experience a lasting memory in the skies. There are a number of birds in the sky which you do not want to miss viewing.

Even for those who wish to experience an artistic inspiration, the Grand Prismatic Spring is the perfect place to visit. The beautiful colors at the grand prismatic spring are produced by thermophiles bacteria which are pigmented and thrive optimally on minerals resulting from geothermic activity. The external temperature of this destination determines the color of the bacterium.

From the Grand Prismatic spring, you may want to visit the Turquoise Pool which is located just a few miles from this destination. Your trip is not yet complete before you take a ride to the Old Faithful. The Old Faithful is a must visit. There is also a lot to discover at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center.