Lincoln Park is one of the best attraction centers in the world. It has various features such as zoos and museums which are attractive for our esteemed customers. The park stretches to the cultural center and to the zoo. It’s full of baseball fields and skate paths and other walking paths. You can also jog or enjoy a bike ride while at the park.  Here are various places to enjoy yourself around Lincoln Park.

Lincoln park zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo

Chicago history museum

This is one of the museum which is known for its interesting history of Chicago. There also photographs archived in the place. Exhibitions are also there however they are usually temporary including sensing Chicago.

DePaul University

DePaul University is also located near the Lincoln Park and most of the tourist pass through the university to the park. Visitors usually take a stroll alone the memorable lanes in the university enjoying the beautiful view of the environment.

DePaul Art museum

The museum is specifically famous for its beautiful arts. It has been hosting exhibitions from schools and other famous artists. Come enjoy the beautiful view of all our arts as you stroll around our museum. There also play grounds for kids with beautiful gardens to relax as you enjoy the breeze in this calm and quiet place.

Lincoln Park conservatory.

This is a center for conservation of various plants life. It has green houses with over 200 plants species including species that are rare to find in the world. There are a collection of extensive fern which is the main attraction in the area. Orchids and rubber trees are also available. There are also flowers that will definitely draw your attention.

Lincoln Park Cultural center

The cultural park is famous for its woodshop. Most of our customers keep coming to this place to enjoy viewing this shop full of ceramics and stained glasses. There are also dance classes going on where you can come enjoy local dances from people around. It’s an interesting place you would never want to miss.

Lincoln Park zoo

This zoo full of animals of different species from all over the world. There are beautiful zebras around here. There is also a lion house called Kovler lion house with very huge and beautiful lions secured appropriately for your safety. There is also the new harbor of wild animals.

OZ Park

The OZ Park is specifically dedicated to sculptures of characters which are very popular called ‘Wizard of OZ’. The sculptures are all over this park. There is also a playground for kids which has windows where you can look through. There are also bridges where you can run across and other things to climb. The playground also has equipment’s for the very young ones who are unable to walk or those who can barely walk. Let your children come have lots of fun at the zoo as they play on the wooden trains.