For the first time in Parâng

Although the title is not entirely correct, because in the 90’s we went twice from Obârşia Lotrului to Gâlcescu Lake, this year we reached for the first time the ridge of the Parâng Mountains.

The trip was occasioned by the 60th anniversary of a friend who wanted to celebrate this way her birthday with me and Max (my husband).

I stayed overnight at Cabana Telescaun (Telescaun Chalet) and on June 23, a day with when the clouds were coming and going, but with good visibility, we set out on our way, having in mind as first target Cârja Peak (2405 m).

Telescaun Chalet

Telescaun Chalet

On the steep road that leads from the cottage to Parângul Mic we got to the intersection with the trail that crosses the mountain on the level curve, avoiding the peak.

On the way to Carja Peak

On the way to Carja Peak


Rhododendron valley

After the intersection of the ridge route coming from Parângul Mic, we followed the path with red stripe marking, having in front of the eyes (when the clouds let us to do it) Cârja Peak . The view was delightful due to the rhododendron that was blooming at that time of the year. Depending on the clouds’ movement, we had view to Petroşani, the surrounding valleys, or the crests that were waiting for us.

Passing by Cârja Refuge, about 3 hours after departure we reached Cârja Peak.

Carja Shelter

Carja Shelter

The view from the peak is spectacular. At the foot of the peak there are the glacial lakes Cârja and Îngheţat a little further the lakes Slivei and Verde.

After a short stop we decided that our friend would stay here and wait for us.
Me and Max continued our journey, further to Parângul Mare Peak.

We left behind Stoienita (2421 m) and Gemanarea (2423 m) peaks and one hour after leaving Cârja we reached Parângul Mare(2519 m).

Parang Peak

From a green promontory, situated in the left side of the peak, we could admire the splendid glacial lakes Rosiile, Lung and Mândra. They have a unique colour and the privilege to admire them deserves all the effort we have made to get here.

Rosiile Lake View

Rosiile Lake View from Parangul Mare Peak

Meanwhile, the clouds have disappeared and we could admire the wonderful view around us.
On our way back we enjoyed the spectacular view of the rhododendrons.

A spectacular sunset admired from the chalet terrace ended this wonderful day.
There is no water on the route. You need to make a full day supply, in the morning.
Although the route does not have dangerous areas, it is preferable to go here in good weather conditions, this mountain being famous for the violence of its storms.

Cabana Telescaun can be reached by car, but the road is not in a good condition and requires some driving skills and a high – guard car. You can get to Cabana Telescaun by chairlift starting from the old chairlift station but the program ends at 16 o’clock and it is conditioned by the weather.

The way back from Parangul Mare

The way back from Parangul Mare

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