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We at Barefoot Panama are the company to book if you want to maximise your time in the tropics of Panama. Allow us to show you the magnificence of the Infamous Panama Canal, marvel at the skyline of the metropolis of Panama city, walk through the old cities and forgotten forts where Spaniards hid their treasures.

Boating Tours

Indigenous Community

Monkey Island

Kuna Yala

Hop on a boat and meander through the lush rainforests, full of tropical wildlife at the monkey islands. Snorkel with the fantastic fish of the Caribbean. Feed your adrenaline by jumping on our zip lining tour over a part of the Panama Canal, or simply relax and reminisce in the four hundred year old Spanish ruins that once dominated the Caribbean coast.

If you want to explore the thousands of Panamanian islands look no further than Barefoot Panama Tours. We offer excursions to the serene tropics of the San Blas islands. Relax on the silky white beaches, or immerse with the ancient culture of the local Kuna villages.
 Barefoot Panama have all the tours that cater to your needs, from riding historic trains, relaxing on the tropical beaches or exploring indigenous villages. Our English speaking guides will open up a new world full of surprises.

We specialise in

Panama Canal and City Tours
Monkey Island Indigenous Avdentures
Food and Drink Tours
Historic Fort and Train Tours
Snorkelling and Zip Lining Tours
San Blas Adventure Tours

Panama City

San Blas Islands

Panama Old Town

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