Jay Pritzker Pavilion, sometimes referred to as the Pritzker Pavilion is located in the Millennium Park in Chicago. It is found on the southern side of the Randolph Street and towards the east of the Chicago Landmark Historic Michigan Boulevard District.  Jay Pritzker family owned the Hyatt Hotels. This Pavilion was named after him. The building includes beautifully designed works of architecture by Frank Gehry. Since its completion in the year 2004, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion has been used as a centerpiece of Millennium Park. It is also known for being home for a number of events including the Grant park symphony orchestra and chorus. It is also known to host various classical music series and annual performing arts events.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

View of jay Pritzker Pavilion and Great Lawn in Millenium Park in Chicago. Multicultural events are hosted here.

Music artists ranging from Classical musicians to mainstream rock bands have been visiting and performing in the pavilion.  Activities such as yoga and other physical; fitness activities are hosted here. There is also a millennium park which is part of the grant park but it only host small outdoor events. The park was specifically build for theater music and dance. Concerts are held here at an affordable charges to our customers. The construction of the pavilion was made to sooth the needs of the performers and customers. There are spacious seating areas with well supported sound systems. The design was made considering assembly points and safety of our visitors in case of an emergency. It’s definitely the safest place to be.

Jay Pritzker pavilion is also known for hosting various interesting events. Music events and festivals such as Chicago Gospel Music are held here. Concerts are also held at the Grant Park. Come enjoy the Chicago tradition through classical music. These events are usually scheduled on specific days. All the concerts are usually free of charge to out visitors. On Saturday morning, you, might be lucky to see the Great Lawn hosting Pilates and yoga. Other ceremonies such as prize presentation also occur here.

If you are planning to tour the Millennium Park, I suggest you do it during summer so you can enjoy a number of evening concerts that take place at the Pavilion. Some of the concerts include a series of your favorite jazz performances. Every Saturday morning, all roads lead to the Great Lawn for amazing Pilates and yoga workouts. The Lyric Opera of Chicago as well as Steppenwolf Theatre host a number of annual events, which you cannot afford to miss. Let your family enjoy a quality evening at the Steppenwolf theatre as they watch their favorite thriller movies. The Planet Earth live is a nature documentary aired at the Pavilion to give you an insight of the beautiful nature of the part and the city at large. Apart from public functions, there are also a number of private functions held at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. You cannot afford to miss.