Melbourne Aquarium is among the most interesting places to visit. It is very famous for its amazingly wonderful sea life.  The place also has zoos and nature parks. There are adorable penguins you would definitely love to see. You will also enjoy seeing baby penguins hatching. Come have great fun as you enjoy the view of our awesome attractions including fish swimming, rays, and turtles in the aquarium. There are also mangroves. The aquarium is the largest in Australia with lots of aquatic animals like sandbars and whaler sharks. You will also be able to see penguins sliding across the ice covered with snow.

Melbourne Aquarium

A jelly fish swims past at the Melbourne Aquarium. Photography David Ewing

The experience of the sharks diving will also take your breath.  As you swim and dive in the aquarium, you might have the privilege to come face to face with diving sharks. This will cause an adrenaline rush release in your body. Come enjoy this beautiful experience as you see all the amazing sea creatures.

Philip islands

Travel through the ocean road to the island where you will be able to see the parade of beautiful tittle penguins and other interesting sites of the city. You will also be able to enjoy the admirable view if the twelve Apostoles as you pass through the great ocean road.

Eureka Skydeck 88

The Eureka Skydeck 88 is another beautiful destination in Melbourne with beautiful view of the Eureka tower. While at the top of the tower, you will enjoy the spectacular view of the Melbourne and the regions surrounding it. All our visitors are welcome either during the day or at night to enjoy the unique viewing experience.

Seahorse pier

Seahorse pier has lots of species of sea dragons. You will also be amazed by the rainbow of colors. Come see the beautiful and mysterious creatures.  You will also explore the bay of beautiful rays from Philip bay. Giant sharks will definitely take your breath too. You might also be lucky to see the largest crocodile from salt waters called Pinjarra.  You will also enjoy the adventure of the rainforest as you see animals that you would not find in any park in the world such as Archerfish.

Meridian garden

This is another underwater adventure that will also capture your attention. You will enjoy the marvelous string rays with giant sharks and other beautifully colored marine creatures. The penguin playground will also make your visit an unforgettable one. Come experience this experience and you will definitely never regret visiting.

Coral Atoll

Coral Atoll is the home for various exotic animals. You will be amazed to see beautiful colored coral reefs. The place is also very educational for our visitors. You will definitely learn something new before you leave.