The Monte Palace tropical garden is one of the most famous tourist traction center in Madeira. It’s actually the top rated attraction center in USA. Jose Berardo is known to be the one behind the amazing tourist attraction center.  It has beautiful lush trees and exotic plants. The place is also known for its best candy attractions worldwide. It also has a very unique type of climate that is necessary for the plants and animals. It also has beautiful tropical flowers and river bridges with beautifully decorated landscapes. Here are some of the various places you can enjoy yourself while at Monte palace.

Monte Palace

Walking in Monte Palace Tropical Garden

Monte palace museum

Monte palace museum is also found just next to the garden. Come enjoy the beautiful view of sculptures from different parts of the world like Zimbabwe and other minerals from Zambia. You will also enjoy the beautiful structure of the museum and the breath taking garden flowering around.

Jardim Botanico (Botanical garden)

This is also one of the most beautiful attraction centers.  The garden has various indigenous plants, flowers and trees.  It also has the sub-tropical flora that are rarely found in other places in the world. Come enjoy yourself in this beautiful garden and you will definitely never regret.

Madeira story center

This is a museum full of interesting history with cultures that are highly entertaining. Exhibitions are usually scheduled different times and the visitors can interact with subjects in various ways either through sounds or vision. You can also pick artifacts that are locally made as souvenir.

Mercado dos Lavradores

This is a famous farmers market with interesting and amazingly sweet fruits. It’s actually the largest market in the area. Fresh vegetables and fruits are found here. You can also be sure to grab some seafoods or even fish. Lather work and handcraft also goes on here. Come enjoy all these beautiful view of different activities all at one place. It’s the place you really want to be.

Quinta do Palheiro ( Palheiro gardens)

This garden is known for its beautiful and sweet scented colorful flowers. Rare and delicate camellias and orchids are found here. It also has tropical trees and various birds’ species. Come enjoy the beautiful view of migrating birds as you relax in this marvelous garden.

Museu Photographia Vicentes

This is a fascinating museum that was founded by a photographer whose name the place was named after. The place has various historical images that you would love to see. You will also be able to learn a little history of the Vicentes family and linage.

Zona Velha (old town)

This is the oldest town of the city as the name suggests. It has a beautiful gallery where many tourists come wondering around the area enjoy the urban canvas. It’s the best place to spend your leisure time.