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Based in Khorog, GBAO, Pamir Trekking is small, community-based company which plans and escorts tailor-made trekking and jeep tours in Tajikistan. Our mission is to enable our clients to experience the unique culture and landscape of the country in a respectful and sustainable manner: the preservation of the landscape and the lives of local people is paramount at all times. In this way we believe that our clients, host families and everyone else involved can have meaningful as well as memorable experiences and encounters.

Specialties:  Pamir Trekking specializes in guided treks in both the Fan Mountains and the Pamirs. We also arrange cultural jeep safaris through historic areas like the Wakhan Valley between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. A typical trekking tour will also include elements of jeep travel en route to/from the trekking areas.

Next Steps: Interested? To find out more about us follow the links below…or tell us how many days you want to travel, some idea of what you would like to see and do, then we will suggest the perfect tour for you! Please note that we can cater for solo travellers up to groups of 10 people.

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Trekking in the Fan mountains of Tajikistan

From Seven lake to “Alo” lake

Durations of the programme 10 days trekking

Start from the end of May untill the end of October

Day 1 Arrival: Sightseeing,Welcom to Tajikistan, transfer to the hotel and rest for a while. After breakfst guide will escort you arounf the city, like national museums, antiqe museums, most of the destinations relocating arounf the downtown so it wont take much time to see the icon plcaces of the Dushanbe. Lunch will be in Chaykhona (tea house) traditional lunch place of Central Asia. Diner in Meve. Accomodation in Mercury hotel.

Day 2 Panjakent-Marghuzor, (65km) Driving through Shing gorge along Padrud lake till Seven lake, passing the Mizhgon,Soya and Khushyor lakes and reaching the Marghuzor village (2200m), accommodation near lake, (6-7 hours drive)

Day 3 Marghuzor-Danisher, (12km) Trekking crew will arrive from Pasrud, Trekking from Teogli towards Towasang pass (3300m), from the top of Towasang the view of beautiful Sarmat gorge will be visible, ascending towards Danisher gorge (2800m), camping on the way, (5-6 hours walk) Dinner & overnight in the tent

Day4 Danisher-Duoba, (13km), until the conversion of the river Archamaidon an Sarmat river, easy walk down the hill through forest and reaching the small village of Khomori Goitan, then further walking towards Duoba campsite (1870m), confluence of Sarmat & Archamaidon river 5-6 hours walk

Day 5 Duoba-Voru-Zimtut, (12km), Today is very pleasant walk, the route goes along the Archamaidon river, on the car road, passing the Voru and Gaza villages, the village are very beautiful many people you can see and people are very sociable, always rushing for photos, Lunch somewhere on the road, after lunch hiking towards Zimtut village(1700m), Dinner in guesthouse or in tent(optional) 5-6 hours walk

Day 6 Zimtut-Chukurak, (99km), From Zimtut village we have two options to get to Chukurak lake, one climbing up towards Ghuytan pass (2280m), second climbing up towards Zurmich pass which is longer & higher (2600m 14km). After pass ascending down to Chukurak lake (2450m), the lake itself is very beautiful, overnight in tent next to the lake, (4-5 hours walk).

Day 7 Chukurak-Kuli Kalon, (8km) here we have two options one goes via Chukurak pass(3160m) on top of which you can see the beautiful panorama of Kuli Kalon lake (2900m), the second biggest lake in Fan moutains, and the second option via Artuch tour base camp(2120m) towards the Kuli Kalon, this one is easier

Day 8 Kuli kalon-Aloddin lake, (9km) From KuliKalon there are also two options one climbing towads Alodin pass (3860m) & second towards Laudan pass (3630m), picnic on the top of the pass. From Alodin pass there are possibility of seeing Chapdara glacire (5050m), Odamsang (4579m), Marriya (4790m), ascending towards Alodin lake (2700m). Dinner& overnigh in the tent next to the lake, 4/5 hours trekking

Day 9 Alodin-Mutnoy lake, (8km)- Vertical alpine base, climbing towards “Mutnoy” (3500m), Alodin gorge looks to north, and from southern part covered by glacier range, and all around surrounded by many peaks and glaciers like “Zamok” (5070m), Energiya (5120m) and Chimtargha (5489m), which is the highest peak in the Fan mountains. Picnic & overnight next to the Mutnoy lake, (5-6 hours walk)

Day 10 Mutnoy-Back to Alo lake-Iskandarkul lake, (78km), From Mutnoy hiking down to Alo lake, then further down to Russian base camp, where vehicle will pick us up and drive towads Iskandarkul, where we will stay, the place is indeed incredibly beautiful, the lake named after the Alexander the Great, there are possiblities of pleasant hike as well along the lake & around villages. Accomordation in Iskandarkul shallet where located next to the lake. B,L&D

Day 11, Iskandarkul towards Dushanbe, (140km, 4 hours drive) Transfer to Dushanbe on the way there many interesting landscapes to see, like firing smoke which is burning since ancient time. Crossing Anzob pass (3437meters) on top of which you can see the nice landscape of Zarafshan rainge known as (Fan mountains). Driving along the Varzob valley, getting to Dushanbe. If we will have time for sightseeing. B,L&D

Day 12 Dushanbe Transfere to the airport and departure. Pamir Trekking team wish you the memorable trip in the heart of Centeral Asia & pleasant home flight

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Follow the Great Silk Road along the Pamirs of Tajikistan

Dushanbe-Kalaikhumb-Khorog-Ishakashim-Langar-Murghab-Sari Mugol (Lenin base camp)-OSh-Khujand-Istarawshan-Dushanb

Day 1, Arrival Welcom to Tajikistan! Meeting you at the airport, transfer to the Hotel, rest and sightseeing around Dushanbe. Most of the touristical destinations are located around Rudaki avanue and they are quite close to each other so to see some of them wont take much of your times. Visit antique museums, national museums, visiting Rudaki park, flag stock, Ismili Center, Lunch in Chay-Khana (Rokhat), Dinner in Merve. B,L&D

Day2, Dushanbe-Kalaikhumb,(380km, 7/8 hours drive)
Here you have two options to get to the Pamirs first via southern & second via northern, the differences in terms of nature is slightly northern road, more attractive than southern. But this part based on tourism prefferances.After breakfast moving towards the Pamirs via northern road on the way there many intersting tombs dedicated to the lacal religious figures, hotspring, many villages, you may see people working in the fields. Crossing the Khburobot pass, the pass is the most beautiful pass in terms of landscape and Fauna & Flora. Overnigh in Darwaz, first district of Pamirs, accomodation in the homestay. B,L&D

Day3, Kalaikhumb-Khorog, (240km, 6/7 hours drive)
From Kalaikhum all the way to Khorog we will have views of Afghanistan villages,mountains and you can easily takes photos of the people and vilages. Driving along Panj (Oxus) river it will bring us towards Khorog town. Khorog is very small town with the population of 30 000 and the Central administrative of GBAO.Here you can visit khorog market , Botanical garden which is the 2nd highest in the world, museums and it’s beautiful park. Khorog guesthouse. B,L&D

Day4, Khorog-Ishkashim, (125km, 4/5 hours drive)
From Khorog driving towads Ishkashim region, stop in Garmchashma, which is popular among locals and foreigners. Continue driving along the Panj(Oxus) river, photo stop at spinal mine which was mentioned by Marco Pole 13th Century, the mine history is much more older dated back to 7 the Century A.D. Overnigh in Ishkashim guesthouse. Also bear in mind that in Ishkashim every Saturday is Afghan-Tajik market which is excellent opportunity for foreighners to cross the border without any visa issue. B,L&D

Day5, Ishkashim-Langar (Wakhan Corridor)140km, 4/5 hours drive
Moving towards Wakhan valley, stop in Kaka fort which is dateing back to Kushans empire 3rd Century, next to fort there are little shrine dedcated to Hazrat Ali, cousine of prophit Muhammed, the shrine is orrigenally Zoroastrian but later got some Islamic atribute, you will see a lot of Zoroastrian symbols & objects there. Further driving towards Yamchun fort of the same period, this fort can be called the most photogenic and impressive perhaps in the whole Tajikistan, visiting the most famous hotspring named Bibi Fatima, Lunch at homestay and then keep driving to Yamg abservatory, Buddhist cloister in Vrang with 30 minutes hiking to and back. Overnight in Langar guesthouse. B,L&D

Day6, Langar-Murghab, (240km, 7 hours)
Moving towads Eastern part of the Pamirs, along the Pamir river, sometimes on the other side of the river, Afganistan part it is possible to see afghan nomandics (caravans) who travel with camel, donkeys and Yaks, which brings you back to the ancient time.

Day 7, Murghab-Sarimugol (Lenin base camp) 300km, 6/7 hours
After breakfast driving towads Kyrgizistan, crossing the Aq-baital pass(4655meters) which is the highest pass in the whole former Soviet Union. Photo stop in the Karakul lake, which is the biggest in the Tajikistan, the lake is turquoise blue, lunch break on the ways (picnic) getting to cross check point formally it will takes short time to cross Tajik-Kyrgiz border. Crossing Kyrgizistan we will keep our driver & guide, turn off towards Sariqmugol village, then further drive towads Base camp. Overnigh in Yurta which is relocating near the small lake. B,L&D

Day 8, Base camp-Osh city,(250km, 5/6 hours drive)
Waking up, early mornig to strech legs, if we will be lucky we can catch the glimps of the Lenin peak at 7134 meters, the view of the Pamir-Alay mountains rainge is facinating from Kyrgizistat side. In compare to Tajikistan Kyrgizistan is totally different you can feel it when you enter, the nature will change so fast that you will be amazed it’s like pageing photoalbums. On the way to Osh you will see a lot of villages. Accomodation in the Yak house hotel or similar to that. B,L&D

Day 9, Osh-Khujand city (Tajikistan), 420km, 9 hours drive
After breakfast we will drive towards Tajik border crossing it further to Khujand city. Khujand is the second biggest city of Tajikistan, regarding sightseeing around the city, we can go to bazar especially to the dryfruit sections, next to the bazar there are a big old madrasa, (Islamic religious school) to local museums which is very interesting, ancient citadel which is dating 10th Century which later fell into Mugol inverders. Accomodation in Pekin hotel B,L&D

Day 10, Khujand-Istarawshan-Panjakent (Old city) 215km, 4/5 hours drive
Driving towads Istarawshan, here we can visit a bazar which is the biggest in the regions with the best handmade things you can find it only here, due to time limit it is best to buy it on time. Place to visit hiltop sitadel, blue-domed mosque, many madrassa, the city has more than 2500 year history, lunch drive further to Panjakent. Overnigh in guesthouse Elena. B,L&D

Day 11, Panjakent-Iskandakul(Alaxander the Great) 145km, 3/4 hours drive
Panjakent was very important town in the period of Silk Road, known as Pampei of Central Asia, because of it’s 8th century frescoes which are survived till nowadays. After breakfast visit Sarazm excavations of the old time which is has over 5000 year history, then drive towards Panjakent old town expecting more facination. After lunch drive towads Iskandarkul lake. Overnight in a nice Soviet shallet which is located next to the lake B,L&D

Day 12, Day rest in Iskandarkul lake, (3/4km, hiking day)
Iskandarkul isindeed a beautiful spot for day hike and rest, the word Iskandar means Alexander and this lake named after the Alexander the Great which is believed that he was here with his horse, & there are many lagends about him & his horse. Here you have options to go to snake lake which is 30 minutes walk, and further hike down to waterfall, hiking along the lake by your own. B,L&D

Day 13, Iskandakul-Dushanbe, (140km, 4 hours drive)
Transfer to Dushanbe on the way there many interesting landscape to see, like firing smoke which is burning since ancient time. Crossing Anzob pass (3437meters) on the top you can see the nice landscape of Zarafshan rainge known as (Fan mountains). Driving along the Varzob valley, getting to Dushanbe. If time allows we can have sightseeing. B,L&D

Day 14 Dushanbe – Transfere to the airport and departure. Pamir Trekking team wish you the memorable trip in the heart of Centeral Asia & pleasant home flight

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