Countryside Adventures is a local travel experts based in Ho Chi Minh city,Vietnam. We are specializes in adventurous tours,activities such as cycling, motorbiking, hiking and kayaking for those who love to experience the real Vietnam. Happy discovery. Read More

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Experience the real Vietnam

Experience the real Vietnam

The team of Countryside Adventures aims to offer a unique experience to worldwide travellers discovering Vietnam.

Many travel companies offer Vietnam holiday with as there are popular places to visit as assual.

At Contryside Adventures, We offer to our clients something more than a plane ticket, a hotel room,a seat on the bus or visit to common places that thousand tourists do. We make your travel meaningfull, true experiences by thinking reallity, thinking local, thinking benefits for YOU as travellers and LOCALs as community and service providers.

Our Philosophy is that travelling to discover a new destination is an exchange not a commodity, we exchange local cultures,cuisines and its people. Each of tour leaders will be an embassodor who try their best to connect between travellers and the locals to create a real interaction with true experiences.

At Countryside Adventures, We want to change the way of people look at their holiday. The way we make an adventure trip for those who travelling with us not only a vacation but it’s a trip of a lifetime.

Why Travel with us

Thank you for choosing Countryside Adventures as your Travelmate.

Travel Done differently

We try to stay out of the crowds to make your trip unique,true experience. At Countryside Adventures, your holiday, It’s not just where you go,but how you taste it.

We take you off the beaten track to experience the real Vietnam. Taste different types of adventures, stay at local places,even at a very popular destination such as Hoi An, Sapa or Halong Bay. We do what the rest of others don’t such as off roads cycling, Kayaking, visiting orphanges, camping, leadership programs, organizing wedding in Vietnam countryside, staying with locals.


It’s an important part in your holiday. We only select accommodation that reflect the charactor of a destination. This could mean a unique homestay for a night in a countryside like Sapa, Mai Chau or in Mekong Delta, a handpicked downtown hotel, even a temple or camping one night under the stars for another night.


A clean, comfortable vehicle with good air condionting does not mean a good transportation. At Countryside Adventures,We also focus on the charactoristic of each of our driver, they are all well – trained and have a certificate from local tourism Department. We are one team, from local tour leader, driver are all passionate in travel and hospitality.

It’s Your Holiday

You can make, change your Itinerary in your own way. We just help you to tailor made all what you want, where you want to go and we will put all together and make it happen.All our sample Itineraries on the website just help you to have an idea of your adventures, we advice you to have a look,then you can make it your own to suit your travel style.

Small Group size

At Countryside Adventures, we focus on the quality of the trip rather than the quantity. We refer group size of maximum of ten travel adventurers.It’s easier for our tour leader to manage and to deliver any of information.

24/7 Services

Need a question for one of tours?(even if you’re curently on the tour)we’are alway at your sight to help. How we can do that? Every group on tour with Countryside Adventures in Vietnam will receive one cell phone with local simcard,thus it’s the best way to contact incase of emergency support.

Lifetime deposit

If you have to cancel or delay your tour for any reason, your deposit remains valid ‘til you’re ready to go. You can even pass it on to a friend.


We offer unforgettable travel experiences at the most competitive prices you’ll find anywhere.

We have contracted directly with all local service providers as a grassroot to keep rates as low as possible.
Guarantee money Back(refund)
We guarantee that you will have a great trip with us. If we or our partners do not deliver as our promises you can claim for a refund from us such as any part of your holiday is not provided as described and this spoils your holiday, we will pay you appropriate compensation.

Experience the real Vietnam

Experience the real Vietnam

Experience the real Vietnam

Experience the real Vietnam

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