Altiplano Touristic Circuits, Excursions and Tours in Northern Chile

Mayuru Tour is characterized by personal and professional attention with the highest quality standards in transport, excursions and touristic programs. Our prior values are safety, punctuality, cordiality and excellency for each and every one of our touristic circuits. We offer travels to the Altiplano, San Pedro de Atacama, Parinacota and tours in Nationalpark Lauca, Putre and Vilacaurani, lake Chungara and Surire. Read More


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Our agency tries to achieve a complete contentment of yours. Realize your journey, go on vacation or live an unique experience in unimaginable places. On top of everything your travelling with one of the best agencies of northern Chile.

We hope to be your host on your next trip to the North of Chile. You will discover a country full of nature and impressive landscapes with a unique ecosystem. Experience the mystic spirit that lives within the Highlands, a fascinating treasure which was highly valued by the first inhabitants of this zone.

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