Special Sailing Charter

Many people are discovering the joy of experiencing a sailboat holiday. Contrasting the commitment of the big organized trips, what is emerging right now is that a lot of people rather live a relaxing vacation enjoying nature, trying to expand the stay and fully experiencing the essence of the wind and the sea.

A lot of people may wonder why sail boat holidays are so appreciated: this kind of travel is slow.

Sail boats usually take minor routes, totally clear from the cruises traffic and a lot more fascinating: in this way you can enjoy the amazing Italian landscapes, such as North Sardinia, Corsica or the romantic surroundings of the Amalfi Coast. The Pontinian Islands are the perfect destination for those who want to stay close to the Capital. For those who love deep sea bottoms and amazing volcanic islands, Aeolian Islands are a must to see. Wherever you wish to go, sail boat holidays organized by sailing charter have a plus value: you’ll always be surrounded by a skilled crew who will take care of every kind of need you may have, on board of amazing boats that offer the same services of a luxury hotel.

Many deals, for any kind of taste, are waiting for you on the website. From weekends to approach the sail world, to one or two weeks long holidays to fully experience the wonders of our country, carried by the wind. You can visit our website www.specialsailingcharter.com Best Price GuaranteeExpert Crew – luxury boats.

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