With diverse landscapes and ethnic groups, a rich history and delicious cuisine, Blend of wildlife and rich biodiversity, diverse range of adventure activities. Amazing marine life and water sport. Read more

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Camping in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is exhilaration cultural experiences for any traveler who can decorate your own day excursions while traveling in Sri Lanka. Why are you staying in your room on your holiday?

Escape from your place with Sri Lanka Mini Tours. As we take you on an unforgettable island adventure with our exclusive day excursion.

A Sri Lanka Mini tour is a step of Green foot travels. Our professional and experienced staff, carefully selected partners will help you to decorate your holiday with our wide range of day excursion to suit your budget and preferences from individual to group tours and will ensure you and unforgettable day in magical island We warmly welcome you to the Sri Lanka Mini tours……!

We want your travel experience to be fun, exciting, interesting, and memorable! On our Day Excursions tours we can drive you where you prefer, to experience the Nature and adventurous in Sri Lanka. One island 40 more adventure activities 100 more locations.

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Our policy on responsible Travel

As a company, we feel that we have a responsibility to our community and environment. We are committed to supporting the local community by sharing the benefits of our business. Green foot travels responsible tourism ethos and values remain unchanged, with the focus being on community benefit and partnerships, conservation through tourism, minimizing carbon emission and preserving and respect local values and culture. We encourage our clients to print their footprint as a green.

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