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Our Mission is to offer travellers the most rewarding and authentic experience of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Australia with a focus on well-being, fulfillment and fun. We specialise in creative, healing, nature, health, personal development and cultural tours – small group tours filled with rich culture and beauty.

Ladakh trekking tour

Ladakh trekking tour

Ladakh buddhism tour

Ladakh buddhism tour

Kata Tjuta - Heart of Central Australia Tour

Kata Tjuta – Heart of Central Australia Tour

Kedernath Temple Wandering the Himalyas tour

Kedernath Temple Wandering the Himalyas tour

Renew your sense of wellbeing and adventure on a journey that you will never want to end. More than 12 life-changing programs are now on offer.

Whether you crave amazing treks with snow-covered mountains as the backdrop, peaceful meals with Tibetan Monks, participating in aboriginal ceremonies, life-changing encounters with spiritual teachers or wonderful cultural adventures, our tours are designed to offer you the best of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Australia.

Our specially planned programs take you off the tired tourist paths, revealing a rich and colourful culture that will leave you breathless.

Touch of Spirit Tours maintains a focus on health and wellbeing for the body, mind and spirit. Our tours offer authentic cultural experiences, unique textile tours, photography trips as well as various health and wellness programs: including yoga, meditation, ayurveda, healing tours, personal development and spiritual journeys.

We also offer you the option to customise your tour and create your own unique journey. Find out which tour best suits you, or let us help you make one yourself. Your journey begins here.

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An experience of a life-time.

Our values are what separate us from other tour companies. When you choose Touch of Spirit Tours you can be confident that we take each of these seriously:

Always real, never contrived

Tea plantations Sri Lanka

Tea plantations Sri Lanka

You can rest-assured that when you tour with us, you will experience the “real” country. With Touch of Spirit Tours you will meet local people, try authentic food, and visit out-of-the-way, unknown places. Of course, you will still visit the amazing famous sights. Also, spontaneous activities (like festivals or parades) often happen, and because our group sizes are small, we are often able to be more flexible and participate in these activities.

Adventure and self-discovery

We hold adventure and self-discovery in the highest regard and this is reflected in all of our tours. For some, travelling to the countries we visit and being welcomed by such a vast and diverse culture can be a surprise. As such, we encourage our travellers to immerse themselves in the activities of the itinerary and share in the new and joyful experiences of the group.


Personal well-being – on all levels – is very important to us. As such, we have developed a number of tours with an emphasis on health and well-being to invigorate the body, mind and spirit. These tours offer the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, health and nutrition education, yoga and ashrams, spiritual development, fitness and personal empowerment.

India, also known as the ‘Land of the Gods’ provides the perfect backdrop for these classes and modalities to take place – do not be surprised if a little magic happens!


It is our mission to constantly innovate and provide a service that remains relevant, fresh and awe-inspiring. To achieve this, we work with some of the finest professionals including Nutritionists, Yoga Instructors, Spiritual Healers and well-regarded members of the tourism industry. By joining forces with these experts we are able to bring a variety of options to our tours, which are constantly being updated to ensure that they remain the best.

Service excellence

Baby kangaroos - Heart of Central Australia tour

Baby kangaroos – Heart of Central Australia tour

You are the most important aspect of our business. Touch of Spirit Tours has thrived because of the good reputation it has gained from our valued travellers. Our goal is to continually exceed the expectations of our clients and develop relationships that will last long into the future.


We take our responsibility to you as well as the people and places we visit seriously. Our tour leaders are not only conscientious by nature, but are specially-trained to help ensure your welfare and that of all who come into contact with our tours. Touch of Spirit Tours also acknowledges the effect that tourism has on the environment of the countries we visit and makes every attempt to minimise our impact. We also support various charities.

Sunset Colombo Sri Lanka

Sunset Colombo Sri Lanka

Buddha's feet Dambulla Cave Temple Sri Lanka

Buddha’s feet Dambulla Cave Temple Sri Lanka

 Polonnaurawa Sri Lanka Cultural Tour

Polonnaurawa Sri Lanka Cultural Tour

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