Ski Holidays in Gstaad

In terms of its area and even population, Gstaad is viewed as a village. However, based on international reputation, this destination is an international and world’s most toured holiday destination. Even though it is a village for most German speaking residents in Switzerland, it has an international reputation for being home to the most exclusive and amusement ski resort in the Alps. Gstaad includes over 1000 sporting events for tourists every year. In addition, you will enjoy visiting the various malls for an outstanding shopping experience.


Winter in Gstaad

Champex is one of the popular ski resorts you might consider visiting. This area lies at 1470 meters above seas level on the Shore of the Lac de Champex. This area has been known as a starting point for numerous hikes into the neighboring huts and mountains. The La Breya Mountain is located at 2734 meters above sea level. Once you are granted access to this mountain, you will experience a lifetime hiking and skiing moment.


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The Cabane du Trient lies at 3170 meters above sea level, on a rock above the Trient Glacier. This mountain can be accessed on foot by dedicated hikers and strong mountaineers. Enjoy skiing here and you get a clear scenic view of the city Martigny. If you wish to explore the city while you enjoy skiing, now you know where you need to be. Le Catogne is also another mountain in Champex where most tourists enjoy vising for a world class hiking experience.

Zermatt has an international reputation for being the best ski resort and mountaineering destination in the Swiss Alps. Led by the Matterhorn Ski paradise, it is a starting point hiking into the mountains such as the Haute Route Mountain, sometimes referred to as the High Route, which leads into the Chamonix. It also has large attractive glacier portions, which require suitable skiing gear during winter. The Haute Ski tour was first completed in the year 1911 and has become the most coveted holiday ski tour. It has high mountain huts that allows you the skier to remain high and cover reasonable distances.

Skiers are transported to this destination by chairlifts and cable cars during winter. The Klein Matterhorn, which lies at 3883 meters above sea level, offers you a spectacular view of the city in all directions.

If you love night skiing, Rinderberg is the best places to be. There is usually a ski cross run at Rinderberg which involves wild waves, steeply banked curves and bowls. Interestingly, this ski cross run is not only for adults. Even young skiers have the opportunity to take part in this tour.

Plan your trip to Gstaad now, and enjoy a unique skiing experience with your family.

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