Spring in Yucatan

If you are looking for a non-typical place to spend you spring holidays then you can move towards Mexico. Yucatan can be termed as a more famous travel destination of Mexico.  This place was dominated by the Mayan Culture and has many structures which will take you back in time.


X-Batun Cenote – natural lagoone with transparent turquoise water surrounded by rocks and tropical vegetation

You can start your exploration at Labna which has been secured as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The building and remains are from a city of nearly 3000 people who lived here once. The El Palacio is a nearly 400 feet tall building and has 57 bedrooms in it. The El Archo stone arch is a beautiful sight to see in this area. It’s an opening to El Mirador which was the grand space for ceremonial activities.

Yucatan Iguana

Green Iguana seen in the Mexican Yucatan.

If you are interested in pyramids or in Mayan culture then you can visit the very popular Chichen Itza. It has pyramids devoted to the Mayans which were built nearly 1500 years ago.  It has been termed as a place for sacrifice by the historians. Some of the people also give a theory of alien invasion in this site. It is a beautiful place to be and can be taken as a heaven for photographers. You can read more about it on the internet and you will get more excited to visit this controversial site.

If you really want to experience the beauty of the Mayan culture then you should visit Palenque and Calakmul. It has often been regarded as a perfect destination for true travellers. The remarkable structures of this place often leave people in astonishment and serenity at the same time.

When you are in Yucatan then you are often advised for the Puuc Route which can be completed in a single day. The route has many Mayan structures on its way with villages, restaurants, hotels, caves and much more to explore. You can also take the Convent route which is a country side route in the heart of the area. You can visit the churches’ along the route but only in the day time. It would be a fantastic ride for those who want to get away from the stiffness of city life. You can also visit Tulum which is another beautiful site of Mayans. It has been used by locals as a site of religious activities.

Thus, you will find Yucatan as a unique travel destination for some knowledge and sighting of Mayan culture.

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