Escape Autumn in Vietnam

Vietnam boats of its natural beauty. It includes attractive green fields of rice located in the north and magnificent views of the Mekong Delta located in the south. This country has also a long history with ancient traditions and cultures. With its historic buildings and old temples, Vietnam has become a leading tourist destination. Here is a list of the top attractions in Vietnam for a successful autumn holiday.


Halong Bay, Vietnam. Unesco World Heritage Site. Most popular place in Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay

Enjoy a warm welcome to this wonderland by taking a trip to the Ha Long Bay. The bay is located to the north of Vietnam and covers over 120 kilometers. It is probably one of the longest coastlines in the world. This bay includes a wide variety of islands, over 1000 islands. Each island is covered with a thick amazing jungle vegetation that forms a luscious seascape of the limestone pillars. Some of the islands are magically hollow with spectacular caves. Other islands have beautiful lakes where you can visit for a world-class fishing experience. Interact with the fishermen at this destination and learn some fishing skills.

Hoi An

Vietnam view

Japanese bridge in Hoi An, Vietnam

This tourist destination is also referred to as the fishing village. It located at the coast of the famous South China Sea. Previously, this village served as an international port. The village boats of a wide range of shops designed with the Chinese style. This village is also referred to as the Venice of Vietnam because of its narrow canals, which cut though a small part of this city.

You can also visit the Mekong Delta and see how Mekong River connects with the Sea.

Thien Mu Pagoda

This fascinating building is designed with about seven stories. It is located in Hue and has been regarded as the tallest pagoda in this beautiful land. This amusement pagoda overlooks Perfume River, thus offering you magnificent and clear views of the river. You will know you are in the former imperial capital when you come across this amazing landmark. This historic building was established in the year 1601 in the reign of Nguyen Lords. The building has been redeveloped a number of times to include more intriguing features of the city.

Hoan Kiem Lake

This beautiful lake with crystal blue waters is located in Hanoi. Even though it is a scenic spot for most visitors, this lake also serves as a leisure spot for local residents. Visit this destination and learn about the culture and tradition of the country by interacting with local residents. This lake was named after King Le Loi who was awarded a magical sword by gods. The king use the sword to send away invading Chinese. Year later, the king returned the magical sword to the spectacular Golden Turtle God at the lake.

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