Autumn Holidays in Tuscany

Tuscany is undoubtedly the most toured destination in Italy. From romantic images of beautiful hill towns to fascinating green garden and sunflower fields, Tuscany has a reputation of hosting millions of tourists every year. It has a distinct history and character that makes it the greatest philosophic destination. No wonder, everybody wants to spend an autumn holiday in Tuscany. Below are some of the places you may consider visiting as you explore this wonderland.


Sunset lighting on the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Siena

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

This historic building is based in Sienna. It is designed with amazing green, red and white marble. The building is also decorated with Venetian mosaics and attractive sculptures. Its ceiling is made of gold stars while the floor is paved with mosaic designs of the biblical scenes. You can also proceed to the Piccolomini Library and view some of the 15 century musical manuscripts. The Piazza del Campo is home for the world’s most famous horse race called the Palio. You just cannot afford to miss.

Pizza del Duomo and Renaissance Florence

There is no better place where you can dig deeper into the soul and heart of Renaissance other than Florence. This was the first place to pull Italy out of its dark ages. Inside this building, you will come across a wide variety of treasures that were recovered during excavation. You will have a look at the great works of Donatello and Michelangelo among other great men of the city. You can also proceed to the church of San Lorenzo for some spiritual healing.


Tuscany street

Vintage cafe on the corner of the old city in Italy

This is the largest island in Tuscany. Enjoy a 10 kilometer ride on a ferry to this fascinating island. It has a mild climate, historical attractions and scenic beauty has attracted many tourists. If you love scuba diving, then you know where to visit. You will also come across the reminders of the great king Napoleon on the slopes of Monte San Martino.

Medici Villas and Gardens

If you wish to enjoy a unique shopping experience, Medici is the place to be. There are also breezier hills surrounding this city. You can climb to the hills and get scenic views of Tuscany City in all directions. The garden are tended to offer a perfect relaxing moment in the evening. There are also a wide variety of hunting parks with beautiful playing fields for your kids. Villa di Castello includes a wide range of garden filled with grottos, statues and fountains.

Etruscan and Roman Voltera

Head to the Etruscan Museum to view some of the archaeological excavations and learn about the history of this city during the era of the Romans. There are also remains of the ancient acropolis at the Parco Archeologico. Make sure you see them before the end of your holiday.

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