Escape Autumn in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the most toured destinations in in the world. It is quite evident that there is much more to see and do on this fun loving island. It is also filled with a year round warmth and sunshine which offers you a perfect gateway for your family, friends and even singletons. Puerto Rico is the home for the largest single dish radio telescope in the world. Covering over 20 acres of land, this radio telescope is said to accurately tell where and when an asteroid may collude with the earth.


Rico Culebra

Man sits on coral beach on Isla Culebra while enjoying beautiful golden sunset on this tropical Caribbean island of Puerto Rico

If you are planning to go on a holiday in this beautiful land, below are some of the activities or places you should consider visiting.

Culebra Island

The Culebra Island is filled with a number of beaches with a lot of activities. The Flamenco Beach has very fine white sand on which you can walk. Even though a little bit isolated, the Culebrita Beach has unspoilt beauty that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The West beach has numerous shades for a world class snorkeling experience. The Playa Tortuga, also referred to as the Turtle Beach has a perfect crescent of fine sand which provides home for nesting turtles.

You may also visit the port of San Juan and learn how sugarcane is converted to rum and then distilled.

Castillo de San Felipe de Morro

Puerto Rico

Interesting bird on Puerto Rico sunset

Sometimes it is referred to as El Morro. This is the most popular landmark in Old San Juan. By visiting this destination, you will learn about the history of the Puerto Rico military since the 19th century. You also pass by attractive cannons facing the beautiful waters of the ocean and enter the sentry box and learn how the military carried out its activities during colonial times.

The Vieques Biobay

You should try visiting this destination on moonless nights. Normally, there is little or no light as you kayak through the mangrove tree and stop at the Vieques Island. Did you know the Mosquito Bay is a bioluminescent bay? You will notice oars and fish glowing in the water. You will also feel the fish streak aways at a lightning speed. Throw yourself into the cold waters and glow in the dark. You can also enjoy a ride on an electronic boat through the various mangrove tunnels.

El Yunque

There is only one tropical rainforest in the National Forest system of the US government. El Unique is the home to this forest. Just a two hour drive from San Juan, you will come across this mountainous terrain. Here, you will walk through the amusement flora and fauna of the forest. There are also a wide range of trails on which you can try hiking. From easy walks to intermediate and difficult climbs, you will find this place interesting. You can also choose to dive in the waterfall.

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