Loving Beaches in Bahamas

What comes to your mind when you think of the best beaches in the world? If Bahamas crossed your mind, you are definitely right. Bahamas includes a wide variety of beaches with mirages of beautiful powdery white sand that contrast spectacularly with the sea. It also includes leaning palms that offer a relaxing atmospheres as you watch the waves from the sea. If you are planning to visit Bahamas for a beach holiday, here are some of the beach you must consider visiting.


Nassau Bahamas and lighthouse at dawn

Cabbage Beach

Do not be scared by the name. This is beach is also referred to as ‘Vegas in Tropics’. If you are a sunbathing enthusiast, the Cabbage beach is the perfect destination. Most visitors at this destination are usually sunbathing as they try to recover from hangover due to overnight partying. If you love solitude, you might head to the Paradise Beach, just on the north of Cabbage beach. From the Cabbage Beach, you can access the Paradise Beach by foot or boat. Enjoy some of the sea grapes offered at this beach.

Xanadu Beach

Bahamas Beach Pigs

Wild pigs on Big Majors Island in The Bahamas, lounging and walking around in the sand and ocean.

This beach is located in Grand Bahamas Island. It is extends for over 97 kilometers with a beautiful sandy shoreline. Enjoy walking on a one kilometer white sand and you head to your favorite sunbathing spot. Some of the water activities at thus beach include surfing and snorkeling. Even if you do not love surfing, you may find this interesting with its beautiful atmosphere. Carry a novel with you and relax at this beach. This place has many visitors and locals. You might want to interact with them.

Tahiti Beach

This beach is located in Hope Town. This is an isolated beach that stretches top the far end of this fascinating island. This destination is less crowded making it a perfect destination for those who love solitude. From Hope Town, you will not be able to drive to this destination. You need to bike or walk along the gravel and sandy paths. You may also enjoy a boat ride to the beach.

Ten Bay Beach

This beach is located to the north of Savanna Sound along Palmetto Point. The popular Cotton Bay Club established a fabulous hotel at this beach because of its fascinating atmosphere. Visit this beach to enjoy a walk on the white sands as well as the turquoise waters.

Pink Sands beach

This beach is located at the Harbor Island. It is one of the most toured destinations because of its magnificent coral reefs that protect the shores from breaks. It pale pink sands are also perfecting for an evening walk. It is most toured because of its safe conditions for swimming. The beach also includes a number of restaurants that offer mouthwatering cuisines.

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