Escape in Sicily

Sicily is a place where time comes to a standstill. One of the most ravishing travel destinations in the Sicily can easily be termed the center of the world travelling map. It is where you find the best that Mediterranean has to offer and also get to enjoy a new side of Italy, quite different from the mainland. This beautiful island lies on the south of Italy and presents gracious hills and a wonderful coast that can allure any tourist with ease. There are bright seas, mountains and beaches that can instantly make you fall in love with Sicily.


Exploring Sicily

The best way to explore the formidable Sicilian Mountains is to go trekking in the wild. Though trekking is not one of the most popular activities here, people who like adventure and also believe in exploring new regions will love coming here. The Etna Volcano is undoubtedly a place where trekking will be a method to relax and reconnect with nature and also to enjoy an adventure like never before. Other important places for trekking include the Madonie Mountains and Nebrodi Mountains. Don’t forget the Zingaro Reserve which is famous for dwarf palms and provides many nature walks too.

View in Italy

Colorful spring sunset on the cape Milazzo, nature reserve Piscina di Venere, Sicily, Italy, Tyrrhenian sea, Europe.

There are ancient windmills in Trapani which are used to grind the salt obtained from the Salt Flats. The salt is manufactured through traditional methods till date. If you prefer the beaches, then opt for San Vito Lo Capo. This small town is a perfect place to enjoy beautiful sandy beaches and also to spend some time appreciating the Moorish architecture found here. For visiting some of the most fabulous Tunisian Quarter sites, visit Mazara Del Vallo.

Sicily is as famous for its food as it is for its travel destination. The food is made of the Sicilian olives or saracena and is devoid of butter, unlike other Italian dishes. Sicilian food is exotic in terms of spices, preparation as well as the flavor. There is swordfish and ricotta on the menu cooked in various exotic herbs and spices. Though it is all Mediterranean Sea food, you will be quite surprised to find very strong influences of Arabic food here. This is not all, Sicilian language shares about 40% vocabulary of Arabic. Therefore, the roots of this influence run deep. It is also one of the finest vineyards in Italy with the most famous wines being Malvasia, Bianco d’Alcamo and Nero d’Avola. Other famous places include Erice, the ancient town that is walled with stone and Noto, the best place to find the most authentic Baroque architecture.

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