Autumn in Tokyo

When it comes to enjoying your holidays, there is hardly anything better than Tokyo, especially if you are planning to go in the autumn season. For the first time visitors, Tokyo is no less than heaven. There are thousands of options available if you are planning to explore Tokyo, but it’s not possible for you to visit each of them. So here is a guide about Tokyo that will help you to spend your precious holidays in the best way.


giant bronze Buddha statue in Kamakura Japan with dramatic sky background – taken with orange filter


If you are fond of visiting temples and historical structures, Kamakura is the place for you.  Also famously known as Kyoto of Eastern Japan, Kamakura is loaded with splendid structures, tranquil temples and shrines such as Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine, Engakuji and Hasedera temple. It is also famous for its amazing statue of Great Buddha of kotokuin.


Hakone is one of the best places to visit when you are in Tokyo. Situated around a lake known as Ashino with natural beauty, hot springs and amazing views of Mt.Fuji, Hakone is a must see place. You can also enjoy boating in Ashino lake and if the weather is clear, you will see a phenomenal view of Mt. Fuji.


If you love visiting island, Enoshima is the ideal choice. This lovely island is famous for swimming or surfing at the beach. There are also various amazing sights like caves and interesting aquariums. The utmost famous thing in Enoshima is Enoshima shrine complex that is dedicated to Benzaiten, goddess of wealth, poetry and good fortune.



walking couple on evenig sky and city lights background in modern city district, Odaiba, Tokyo , Japan

It is probably the best place to visit in Tokyo. China Town and Minato Mirai are the best attractions of Yokohama. Minato Mirai looks awesome during night time and China Town is best for day time. Apart from these two, you can visit Kirin Beer and RamenMuseum. If you are a garden lover, you can spend some time at Sankeien Garden that look awesome in autumn season.


Kawasaki is another most popular tourist spot in Tokyo for autumn season. It is famous for its beautiful Kawasaki Daishi Temple and a shopping street. The street is also loaded with snack shops and delicious food restaurants. You can try all the souvenirs you have ever thought of. You can also experience a crazy Japanese festival if you visit Kawasaki during autumn months.

Mt. Fuji

As we discussed above about the Mt. Fuji, it is a wonderful and must visit place in Tokyo. It has also become a UNESCO World Heritage site. Shizuoka is famous for its awesome views of this great volcano. There are plenty of places within Shizuoka Prefecture from where you can site Mt. Fuji.

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