A Christmas cold journey in Helsinki, Finland

If you are looking forward to take a retreat to a cold holiday destination, you ought to give a shot at a cold holiday in Helsinki. The city is a sanctuary of exciting events and marvelous experiences making it the perfect destination for a cold holiday. The capital city of Finland, Helsinki is a vibrant city full of life and activity, especially during the winter. There are diverse selections of winter sports that you can engage in. Besides sporting events, there are also a number of great attractions that you can visit just to explore the city.

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Cold sunny day in Helsinki

Whether you and your partner are out to enjoy some romantic time together or you are seeking for some time alone to recharge your batteries, Helsinki is just the place for you to be. A Winter Picnic in the city is the ultimate experience for you. The idea was initially conceived by those who take part in Winter Fun Helsinki competition. To make the picnic even more interesting, you should definitely pack a good breakfast, some hot chocolate or a bottle of good wine. Carry some warm clothes too and you will surely have the time of your life. For a winter picnic in the city, Uutela is an awesome spot which is also pretty easy to access.


Amazing Helsinki

There are a wide range of delicious meals in Helsinki that you can treat yourself to during your cold holiday in Helsinki. All you need to do is choose a good café and you will certainly enjoy a hearty meal. You can top up your meal with some of the creamy shrove buns that are offered by the contemporary hotels and restaurants found in the city. Introduced into Finland at the start of the 20th century, the buns have been a popular food in the country due to their nice and unique taste. One of the best possible places of enjoying one of these buns is Patisserie Teemu & Markus which is found in Yrjonkatu. You can choose to enjoy your bun with either almond paste or jam, however you choose to enjoy it, it is an effective way of getting ready to frolic in the cold season.

You can enhance your cold holiday experience in Helsinki by travelling down to the Hotel and Restaurant Museum. This is the right place to visit if you would love to experience what the 80’s felt like in this area. Located in the Kaapelitehdas, the hotel currently exhibits “Taste of the 80’s” which turns back the clock way back to the food culture of the 80’s in the best way possible.

Besides the great activities you can enjoy in the capital of Finland, there are also a number of attractions that you can visit to keep the holiday interesting. The National Museum of Finland, Helsinki Central Railway Station and the Sibelius Monument are among the attractions that you should visit during your stay in the city. You will get five star accommodation services in the city as well.

Husky Holidays

If you love winter for sure you will enjoy a husky holiday!

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