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1. Village Museum

Spend a day in open air and visit the Village Museum.
Situated on the shore of Herastrau Lake in the park with the same name, this museum presents in a valuable permanent open-air exhibition wih over 300 monuments of Romanian rural architecture. The ambiance of every house with all its facilities: barns; stables; wood, twigs and adobe fences; small or imposing gates, is presented in natural environment.
The interiors were rebuilt and have authentic objects, specific to the ethnographic areas and historical moments of monuments provenience. All the houses where disassembled piece by piece and transported in the museum area, where they were reassembled.
The oldest house dates from XVII century and the newest from XIX century.
The museum has also a little folk contemporary art gallery where the visitors can buy the objects realized by popular artists.

2. Cotroceni Palace

Former royal residence, this palace built between 1679 and 1681 was opened to public visits since 1990. At that moment the old palace wings became a museum as long as the new wing is the actual seat of Romanian Presidency. The museum includes a valuable collection of medieval art.

3. Romania National Art Museum

Art lovers can meet the most complete collection of Romanian Art visiting this prestigious museum housed by the former Royal Palace. In addition there are 15 rooms for the European Art Gallery consisting in paintings, sculptures and decorative art.
Since 2001 the Gallery of Romanian Modern Art can be also visited.

4. Manuc’s Inn

If you visit the Old Town do not forget to take a rest at this old inn.
Having back a long history starting from early 19th century, Manuc’s Inn preserved up to nowadays its old style. It was recently restored and serves as hotel, restaurant, wine cellar and pastry shop.

5. Bucharest Botanical Garden

Treat by locals as a park, this places houses 10000species of plants from all over the world. The Botanical Garden includes also a botanical museum, built in the architectural style called “Brancovenesc”. The large garden greenhouses are opened to visit Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun, 9am – 1pm.

6. Herastrau Park

A wonderful refuge in hot summer days of your vacation, this park includes large green areas, alleys, Herastrau Lake, tennis courts and many terraces. For a park overview you could rent a boat from the rental complex or take a ferry ride around the lake. The park has some special attractions: protected trees such as the Flowering Japanesse Cherry Trees in the Japanesse Garden, a gift from Japanese Emperor and a dendrological rarity, the Japanesse Acacia. The park houses the Village Museum.

7. Wine bars

In Bucharest you can find many wine bars, many of them small and discrete. Here in a cozy atmosphere you can enjoy of Romanian or other countries wines.
Choose one of this nice places to end you day together with your friends!

8. Old Town

The charm of this city, once called “Little Paris” can be the best felt in Old Town. It developed around the Princely Court back in 16th century as the district of artisans and merchants. Long time is was neglected and its superb buildings degaded themselves. Recently its major infrastructure was renovated and a new breath brought new life in the area.
Reserve time of your holiday and walk on its narrow streets with art galleries, antique shops and coffee houses. In the area there are important sites Hanul cu tei (The Linden Inn), Hanul lui Manuc (Manuc’s Inn), Curtea Veche (Old Court).

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