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Once a small village engaged mostly in fishing activities, Saint Tropez became the most sought after holiday destination in the 1950s when Brigitte Bardot came here to shoot for ‘And God Created Woman’. Since then, this beautiful little destination has become a traveler’s favorite and continues to woo everyone who comes here. The number of tourists has been increasing by the day and the people of this place are gaining more recognition as well. Still a beautiful village at heart, you will be able to see the fishing lines on one hand and huge cruise ships on the other. Most of the visitors come here by cruise ships only. The village has narrow streets which are not very car friendly. However, you can easily walk from the outskirts to the center of Saint Tropez within minutes.

Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez, France

The Saint Tropez Polo Club is renowned world over and the best polo players reach here every July to participate in the International Polo Tournament. For a tourist, the best way to enjoy Saint Tropez is to walk along its streets. There are many shops and cafes on the waterfront that would invite for some sumptuous food and elite shopping experiences. In the interiors, there are some historical structures and interesting homes and buildings as well.

Saint Tropez at Night

Saint Tropez at Night

Visit Musee de L’Annonciade to check out the best early 20th century post-Impressionist works of art. You will find some of the best works of Derain, Dufy, Matisse and other famous artists here. The museum is located inside a church and also provides some of the best views of the surroundings.

There is a lot more to see and do near the waterfront as compared to the interiors. La Tropezienne is a special pastry cream tart available here. This Polish recipe was made by Alexandre Micka and the pastry was named by Brigitte Bardot while she was shooting for her film in this region. As far as drinks are concerned, Saint Tropez is certainly a class apart from other places. Here, rose wines are very famous and are also considered to be the best.

You must definitely visit Place de Lices, Vieux Porte, Chapelle Ste. Anne, La Ponche and Pointe du Capon. Nikki Beach is often known as the best place for celeb-spotting. However, if you like butterflies more, don’t forget to visit the Maison des Papillons, a collection of 4500 species of butterflies that are both endangered and rare. Plan a journey today!

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