Ideal Escapes in Zimbabwe

Located in the southern region of the continent of Africa, Zimbabwe is considered one the best tourism spots in the world. Loaded with multiple variety of wildlife, scenery and natural beauty, Zimbabwe also offers a perfect climate for the tourists in summers. Below we have listed some major places that you can visit Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls doesn’t need any description, being one of the 7 wonders of the world, it is the best and most famous tourist spot in Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls present a great sight of the remarkable beauty and excellence on the Zambezi River, forming a border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Apart from scenic views, you can enjoy base jumping and white water rafting in Zambia River.

Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba is one the largest artificial lake and reservoir in the world. It is also the largest manmade lake in the northern Zimbabwe. Beautiful diverse wildlife and sunset scenes attracts tourists and you can also enjoy other various activities like fishing and houseboats trips. Peaceful and scenic, Lake Kariba is another must visit spot in Zimbabwe.

Eastern Highlands


Impressions from the Victoria falls National park

If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, you must visit Eastern Highlands. The cool climate, landscape lands and picturesque scenery views are the unique features of the Eastern Highlands. It is even compared to the mountains of Ireland and Scotland. Other interesting things you can see here are the different species of leopards, samango monkeys, birds and blue duiker.

Balancing Rocks

Another most famous place in Zimbabwe is Balancing Rocks. These rocks are geomorphologic features of molten rocks found in various parts of Zimbabwe. The formations of the Balancing Rocks are natural occurrence and they stand in perfect balanced state without any support. There are many other attractive balancing Rocks in Zimbabwe and serves as an eye catcher for the tourists.

The National Art Gallery

It is one of the great national galleries in the world. It is a nice souvenir shop with some interesting books on African Art. There are other attractive displays of fetishes, modern canvases and traditional wood carvings. The antique features of the National Art Gallery makes it an ideal place for tourists.

Matoba National Park

Located on the south side of the Zimbabwe, Matoba National Park is another must visit spot in Zimbabwe. The most interesting feature of this park is the presence of granite, boulders and rocks that is spread over 80 kilometers. The Great Cecil John was buried in this park. Other things you can do here is self-catering camping and you can see various birds flying in this area.

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