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Bali is an island in Indonesia and it’s known for its volcanic mountains covered with mountains, its coral reefs and the beautiful beaches. It’s the most popular tourist attraction town in Indonesia. While at Bali, you can enjoy activities like snorkeling scuba and bike riding. You can also enjoy private tours or cultural tours. For those who love surfing, you can come enjoy wind surfing and kite surfing.


Underwater shoot of a woman exploring USAT Liberty wreck on a breath hold. Tulamben, Bali island, Indonesia

Uluwatu Temple is one of the interesting places to visit while at Bali. The temple is literally arches on a limestone cliff. The place also has the best beaches with very grate surfing spots. The majestic structure of the temple is perched on a cliff above the Indian Ocean. When on the high grounds of the temple, you will enjoy the spectacular view of the sunset over the temple itself.

Bali garden

Bali Luxury Resort

Bali temple by the lake is another place you would never want to miss. As opposed to the Uluwatu temple which is perched on a cliff, Bali temple is resting serenely on the edge of the Britain Lake. Come enjoy the beautiful view of the temple with marvelous reflections from the lake.

Ubud is also known for its amazing culture nature, museums and manmade parks and gardens. You can come relax or do yoga at this beautiful garden. For those interested in bike tours can also enjoy themselves here. The place also has theaters and art where you can enjoy yourself. You can also do shopping because the place is fully equipped with almost everything you need.

Kuta beach is one of the most popular beaches in Indonesia. All party and life scenes are readily found here. Come have a good time at Kuta beach either alone or even with your family or fiancée. Cafes and pubs are also available to ensure your visit here is as lively as possible.

Hike/ climb mount Batur at Kintamani is also another place you would never want to miss. Here people climb up to 1700 meters to the summit as they enjoy the view of the active volcano. It’s also known for its ultimate sunrise hike where people will start at 4 am to be able to view the 6am sunrise.

Ayan bar on rocks

The bar is literally perched on a rock. Come grab a beer at our beautiful bar as you enjoy the view of the wonderful sea crushing on the rocks below the bar. You can also enjoy some of the sweetest bites from our bar. The natural spectacular show created by the white water crushing over the wall of the rock will definitely capture you attention. Come drink and chill at Ayana bar because this is the place you definitely want to be.

You can also enjoy visiting coffee plantations while in Indonesia. Instead of just enjoying a cup of coffee in one of the restaurants, you definitely need to see where exactly this coffee is coming from. All this at Pulina agro tourism.

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