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Which place in France do you go to winter strikes and you have explored Paris? It is Chamonix. The valley of Chamonix is the place where most of the travelers go to enjoy the beauty of the Alps like never before. It is also known as a skier’s paradise. However, if you are planning to visit this amazing place, then too you will be finding great views here. The highlands are perfect for walking trails and they will showcase some of the most enthralling panoramic views of the Alps. You will also enjoy paragliding here. Imagine the thrill of moving down the Alps like a bird. Don’t you wish to experience this too?


Aiguille Du Midi – the mountain peak in French Alps, Chamonix

Chamonix, just like most of France, is all about elegance and luxury. Those who are looking for a luxurious holiday amidst the Alps highlands will find their best option in Chamonix. There are many hotels that will provide you a warm and luxurious stay in this rustic setting. There is a lot to see in Chamonix. You should go to see the Sea of Ice, Mer de Glace, which is one of the biggest glaciers in this region as well as Europe. To get the thrill of the highlands, opt for the Aiguille du Midi Cable Car. This cable car ride moves from a height of 1035 meters. From there, it will take you to the height of 3810 meters straight. The Bellevue Cable Car and the Brevent Cable Car are nonetheless exciting and you will get the best views of Mont-Blanch Massif when riding these cars.

Chamonix view

Lovely view of Chamonix

The Le Tour Glacier is another site to explore. You can take the Le Tour Cable Car to watch the most spectacular views of the border between Switzerland and France. For more spending views, visit the Musee des Cristaux. This museum features beautiful collections of crystals found locally and from around the Alps. Chamonix will make any skier fall in love. You can ski at the Vallee Blanche or choose Le Tour, Houches, The Grand Montets and The Brevent as your preferred skiing location. Chamonix is also one of the best hiking destinations in France.

When in Chamonix, don’t forget to enjoy the amazing pastries available here. Enjoy traditional French cuisine but don’t forget to check out some chef inspired ranges that present the most modern French delicacies. Enjoy some wine too. After all, the Chamonix valley is a delightful place and no travel is complete without a glass of good wine.

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