Escape in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a rainy forested rugged place in America. Its coast line are found in the pacific. It’s known for tourist attraction because of its amazing natural features, cultural institutions and museums. It also has a gross biodiversity and its rich in wildlife animals like quetzal birds and other interesting animals, rain forest tours & more. When you spend your holiday at Costa Rica, here are wonderful places to visit.

Costa Rica

Amazing giant tree in rainforest, bright sunlight through fresh green foliage, beautiful nature of national park in Costa Rica, Central America

Monteverde cloud forest reserve is known for its unique mystery air. It’s usually 100 5 humid. It’s also a home of most of the animal species. Different Plants species are also in plenty making over 3000 of the species for both animals and plants. Come enjoy trekking in our amazing forest as you also enjoy the different plant and animal species we have.

Arenal Volcano National Park and La Fortana is known for its very active volcanoes around Costa Rica. The Arenal is indeed a beautiful place to be. While at Arenal, you will have the privilege to enjoy the spectacular hot springs and the general sheer of beauty. It’s definitely the perfect place to be where you can relax your body and mind.

Costa Rica

Nice bird in the Costa Rica Jungle

Tamarindo, Playa Langosta and Playa Grande is located in the pacific coast of the northern side. It has very beautiful surrounding beaches which are easily accessible. Come enjoy the pristine weather and clear water of Tamarindo. Tamarindo also has all the serenity and amenities you may need during your tuor. Couples and families can come enjoy their beautiful moment here as it’s a very adventurous place.

Manuel Antonio and Manuel Antonio National Park is also another park with very beautiful attractions you would love to see. It has very stunning beaches where you can enjoy relaxing or surfing for those who love the idea. While at Manuel Antonio, you will also enjoy the view of the most amazing wildlife animals and birds. The dense forestation is another thing that will take you breath away. The place is very easily accessible for our customers and has various activities to do while you arrive.

Corcovado National Park and Drake bay is another gorgeous park located in Osa Peninsula. This place is known for its beautiful natural features. For those who love nature and preservation, drake bay is the place to be. Tortuguero national park is one of the many parks although this is known for its turtle breeding. It is nesting ground and habitat for most of the turtle marine species Worldwide. It also has meandering rivers and beautiful lagoons that will definitely attract you attention.

Santa Teresa & Mal Pais is another beach known for surfing country wide. Most people describe it as the paradise because of its amazing environment and activities going on here. Come enjoy yourself at Santa Teresa, you will definitely not regret you visit and stay.

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