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If you are planning on going for an autumn holiday, Nova Scotia should be one of the destinations at the top of your list. A feeling of satisfaction comes upon most visitors who spend their autumn holidays in Nova Scotia. During this time of the year, the province experiences warm days as well as crisp evenings that contribute the amazing experience that you are bound to experience during your visit. Nova Scotia autumns are great whether you are an indoors person or you love to explore the outdoors. Whatever your preferences are, you will surely find something that makes your experience worth the trip.


Nova Scotia – Canada

It is during the fall that outdoor adventure in the province offers the best experience. A lot of places are worth exploring in Nova Scotia. You may venture into the woodlands of Nova Scotia or explore its rugged coastline. Hiking is among the outdoor experiences that you will find terrific in Nova Scotia, especially during autumn. Due to the mild temperatures, you can go hiking without having to worry about getting overheated. Family friendly gardens and park decorate the province one of the being Tangled Garden located in Grand Pre. The Taylor Head Provincial Park, Cape Split and Skyline Trail are some of the hikes that nature enthusiasts may find lovely.

Nova Scotia

Lighthouse journey

Cycling can also be a lot of fun in Nova Scotia during fall. Riding along the coastal routes of the province is great way to spend your afternoon. The beautiful scenery and flamboyant flora will be enough satisfaction for your eyes. Some of the recommendable cycling trails include the Cobot Trail, Aspotogan Peninsula and the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail.

For the visitors who have a thing for the sea, Nova Scotia offers just the thing for you. You can go kayaking in Cape Breton and enjoy the beautiful view of the coast of the province. Whale watching is another activity that you will find worth your time. It is one of the most popular activities in the province especially in Digby. Whale watching is also nice in Cape Breton and the Brier Island. Autumn raises your chances of seeing the calves.

Autumn holidays in Nova Scotia also means numerous enjoyable events and festivals. Held in Cape Breton Island, Celtic Colours International Festival is a festival that features musicians from various parts of Celtic and is sure to treat you to a one of a kind experience. Another festival that you may find exciting is the Starlight Festival. It is held in the southern side of Nova Scotia and features amazing activities.

To have a better experience of Nova Scotia, it is imperative to be prepared for both and warm temperatures as they are known to fluctuate from time to time.

Choosing the right hotel in which to stay will however not be much of a problem as there are a wide variety of hotels in the province ranging from five-star hotels through to budget hotels. You can also enjoy a remarkable dining experience at one of the stunning restaurants around Nova Scotia.

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