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Looking for a prime experience of Eastern Europe? Well, a city break in Bratislava is undoubtedly the finest way to do it. Bratislava not only offers a great experience filled with fun and vibrancy but also offers great insights into this part of Europe. The capital city of Slovakia, a landlocked country in Europe, Bratislava is a sanctuary of enjoyment and unparalleled holiday experience.


Exploring the streets

The city is rich in history and has diverse cultures due to the fact that it has over the years been influenced by Czech, German, Hungarian and Austrian culture. The blend of cultures has resulted in a diversified community that offers unimaginable holiday retreats. A city break in Bratislava is a rewarding experience and probably the best way to explore Europe. The proximity of the city to some of Europe’s best holiday destination makes it a great place to stay as you explore the rest of the continent. The city offers easy access to Vienna which is located just less than 60 kilometers away.


Exploring Bratislava

While planning for your city break in this amazing city, it is important that you figure out the interesting destinations that you will travel to during your stay. This should however not trouble you as there are several great destinations is the city that you are bound to find worth visiting. One of such attractions that you are highly likely to fall in love with is the Bratislava Castle. The characteristic white walls and the rectangular shape of the historical landmark work pretty well in enhancing its beauty and visual allure. The structure with history dating back to the 9th century is among the splendid sun-filled destinations that you will find worth visiting during your city break in this city.

The diversity of the attractions in Bratislava offers an unrivalled holiday experience to visitors. The Old Town of Bratislava is just another attraction that provides a sanctuary for pleasure and fun. Its unique gothic architecture offers a site to behold while the winding lanes and statues clearly point out the beauty and uniqueness of the city.

Museums and parks are also a great way for you to spend your time during your experience of the city. Fine historical pieces dating from way back in time and those from the resent ages are hosted in the museums making the museums the ideal retreat for history enthusiasts and nature lovers.

An unusual but otherwise thrilling experience awaits you at the Novy Most Bridge. Perched at the top of it is a restaurant that is shaped as a UFO spaceship from where you will get sumptuous meals while enjoying the view.

Being in a landlocked country, the city has no beaches. It however makes up for this in other great geographic attractions. You can take an adventure up into the mountains for an exploration trip.

Hotels such as the Sheraton Bratislava Hotel, Tulip House Boutique Hotel Bratislava and the Arcadia Hotel are just among the hotels that will offer you flawless and impeccable accommodation during your city break in Bratislava.

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