Beach Holidays in The Margarita Island

Margarita is located in the Caribbean Sea and is a Venezuelan Island. Margarita is situated at northeast of the capital Caracas. It is a beautiful beach holiday destination. There are more than 50 beaches at Margarita Island which covers almost 106 miles of coastlines. These tropical beaches have awesome sceneries lined with beautiful palm trees.


Man swimming under water on a background of sea fish

Margarita Island is popular for its beautiful beaches. There are many beaches around this Island. There are various types of beaches such as with waves/without waves, crowded/non-crowded, cold/warm, large/small, deep/less deep, windy/non-windy, with restaurant facility/non-restaurant facilities etc. In short, Margarita Island has all kind of beaches for everyone’s taste.

Some of the famous beaches of Margarita Island are:

La Restinga– It is the longest beach of Margarita with waves. You can find lot of shells here.

La Caracola- Playa Moreno beach– Here you will find lot of clubs and quality restaurants to enjoy your day with your companions.

Playa Puerto Cruz– This beach has one of the best hotel and resort of Margarita Island. However this beach has less facilities and water sports.

Playa El Agua– It is a classic beach. You can have a long walk with your family or friends from one end to another and can also spend quality time by playing water or beach sports. However be careful because it is a dangerous beach as well.

Pampatar– This is a calm beach without waves. This beach is the best choice for a family enjoyment with kids.

Playa Parguito– This beach is much crowded than other beaches of Margarita Island with awesome waves. It also surrounded with quality restaurants and unsalted water showers.

Playa Guacuco– It is one of the beautiful beaches of Margarita Island covered with coconut trees and Porlamar. It is less crowded as compared to other beaches for a peaceful day.

Apart from these beaches there are many other beautiful beaches where you can spend your entire day having fun with your family and friends. Margarita beaches are the best option for fun loving people to spend their ideal escape. You can have fun at these beaches in lot many ways such as water bathing, playing water sports/beach sports, taking sun bath, having tasty food at the restaurant and clubbing etc. Besides beach fun, there are many other destinations in Margarita to spend your holiday such as Castles & Churches, La Restinga National park, Macanao Peninsula, shopping, sunset/sunrise & moonrise/moonset etc.

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