Escape in Reykjavik Holidays

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and provides varied expeditions which the travel-lovers can explore when on a trip in the city, especially during the winter months. The city is covered in snow during the cold season and activities such as sliding along glaciers and dog-sledding can be enjoyed.


Amazing Northern Lights in Iceland

A striking feature of the Reykjavik city also lies in the visibility of the Northern lights that seem to brighten the skyline with the divergent color shades such as green, blue, red and yellow.

The winter-time is also the Christmas season and the festive fervor also seems to grip the city. Choosing to spend New Years’ Eve in the city can make you witness to the fireworks displays which are part of the city celebrations. You will also find the streets, lanes and buildings decorated with luminous lamps and other decorative lights to bring in the cheer.

Reykjavik swans

The Reykjavik Free Church is a church in the Free Lutheran congregation of Iceland. In the background of ducks and geese in the city center.

The prominent places that you can visit as a wayfarer also include – the Reykjavik City Hall which is an impressive building with breath-taking nature sightings of lakes, birds and ducks; the Imagine Peace Tower is a structure dedicated to World Peace while being associated with the music artiste Yoko Ono where you will find several light beams joining in unison to produce a singular light stream; the concert-lovers can also call-in upon the city’s cultural landmark namely Harpa where a vast number of social programs are held throughout the year.

Thermal baths are also popular when Reykjavik-tripping where you can find solace from the unrelenting cold in the warm thermal pools and spas belonging to the city boundaries. Swimming or simply soaking in the temperate waters can keep you rejuvenated.

Parks, mountains, beaches, hills, valleys and churches are also within the city limits and easily accessible thereby keeping you busy throughout the day during the holiday period. Discovering the city sights on foot or cycling is possible to unveil the treasures within. Also the city is well-connected by roads and hopping on a bus is another way in which you can uncover the tourist value of the city.

Landing via the air transport mode into the Keflavík International Airport and then hiring rental car or bus services can ensure you reach the Reykjavik city within a few hours.

Volcanic tours, hiking trails, ferry trips and architectural-wonders sight-seeing are additional activities worth spending your time during the city stay.

If you have no plans for the winter holidays as yet then booking your trip for the Reykjavik-exploration can keep your date diary filled with fun things to do during the vacations.

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