How to enjoy Norway?

Well known for its Northern Lights, Tromso is more than just another beautiful sight. The place is a unique destination for all those who want to enjoy the peace of being really close to one of the most unique aspects of Mother Nature. The place not only has a beautiful sky but splendid snow covered land too.


Hidden spot for Northern Lights passionate in Tromso

To start your epic holidays you can go for a ride in the reindeer sledge. It has been a trademark of this place as the ride is one of a kind. The four kilometer ride runs in dark with fascinating northern lights up above which makes it worth remembering all your life. You can enjoy it with your family or with your loved one as the number of riders vary from two to fifteen. You might also like going on a ride with man’s best friend who look majestic in their own right.


Tromso, Norway at night

You can also experience whales swimming right by your side and if you get lucky you might also get a glimpse of the white sea eagle. The 4 hour long travel in the waters of village Tromvik will leave you in serenity of watching wildlife at its best. You can also plan Husky holidays when spending holidays in Norway!

With all its natural beauty and clean environment the place is heaven for wildlife photographers. They can easily capture really beautiful pictures of the unique flora and fauna of this place with the huge mountains. Photography tours are also organised by local guides or you can find your own destination hidden from the world.

If you like mountain biking then you can also test your skills in the biking tours organised in this place. You will meet many local guides who organise such rides on tested routes but if you are a loner and have your gear then the place is set for you to explore.

If you are more interested to know the culture and history of the place then you can visit the Polar museum, the Perspektivet museum or the Art museum. You can also visit the Polar Park to see the preserved wildlife from the surrounding areas in one place.

The place is greatly appreciated for its scenic sky and you can get guided by a local to reach a place which has the best view of the very pretty northern lights. Thus, experiencing this bliss of nature will be one of your best memories in life as it is heavenly to feel this serenity.

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