Escape in Andalucia

If you are tired of bone chilling and dull winters then you can really enjoy sunny times in Andalucia. This region comes under the Spanish nationality and thus has a very rich culture and populated statistic.  Being one the warmest areas in the entire European region, it can certainly be the best place to hang out any time of the year.  The place is well known for its cheerful environment and hospitable people.


Costa del sol at night

The place has numerous mountains and forests giving place to a variety of wildlife. Thus the area has national parks as well as nature reserves. The place also has coastlines which are still untouched and waiting to get explored.  If you are a lover of wildlife then you will surely like to visit Donana National Park which is also recognized biosphere reserve by UNESCO.  The place also has the Sierra Nevada Mountain range which is the highest mountain range of Spain.


Nice colors on the streets of Andalucia

The place has monuments and structures of ancient era and if you are interested in seeing old times back again then these cities will cherish you. The place is divided into eight provinces having capital cities of the same name.

The place also has one of the biggest lakes of Europe which is Lake Negratin.  The lake is often a beautiful sight with mountains running across the lake. The best view is of night when stars fill in the black sky and the combination makes it look heavenly.  You can spend your day having sun bath and eating out from various restaurants in the place.  You might also like to visit Seron and see the beautiful site of its castle and the town down the hillside. The place also hosts a vibrant fest once in a year.

If you are more tilted towards adventure then you can enjoy hiking, camping, horse riding, canyoning, paragliding, rock climbing etc in the Sierra Nevada National Park.  This will really test your mettle as an adventurer and give you countless occasions of being really close to the wild. Thus the place is better for those true nature admirers who really love the raw life inside the jungle.

You might also like to carry water and sunscreen all the time while travelling in this region as the temperatures can really touch the 45 degree Celsius mark. All in all it is the best place to visit if you want to ditch winter at any point of the year.

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