Get Romantic in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

La Recoleta contrasts impeccable mausoleums with crumbling marble tombs.

1 Walk in the Botanic Garden, delight your eyes with plants and sculptures, visit the winter house.

2 Excellent for a family vacation day, Bosques de Palermo, with its rose gardens and lakes will offer you unforgettable relaxation moments.

3 Enjoy the elegant restaurants and nightclubs in Puerto Madero, the most modern part of the city. Admire the modern architecture and if you want to spend some quiet moments, go in the Ecological Reserve.

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Bright colors of Caminito in La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires

4 For many people Caminito is the name of a famous tango song but as regard Buenos Aires, it is an art market and an open air tango museum. This area is unique in world by its live tango shows, colored houses, restaurants and artworks.

5 Experience the Argentinean wines during a wine testing in specialized locations such as Anuva Wine in company of professionals.

6 Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Arts is the place where the art lovers can admire art collections that includes more than 6000 pieces.

7 Experience something different by visiting the Argentinean Puppet Museum. You can admire here puppets from all over the world, watch workshops and activities or puppet plays for children and adults.

8 Do something unique going in the place considered “the most beautiful cafes in the world”. Spend some time in Café Tortoni enjoy the Jazz or Tango shows, book presentations or the facilities to play billiard, dices or dominoes.


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