Escape in Angkor Wat

Angkor is a complex of temples. It is known to be the largest monument for religious people. It was initially the Hindu temple and has been gradually changing into a Buddhist temple. Angkor Wat has been known to be a great tourist attraction because of the many temples it has. Most tourist visit the place to be able to the beautiful structures of the temples.


Khmer ancient sculptures nearby Angkor Wat

Bayon temple is one of the temples with an amazing structures that will definitely capture your attention. You will also be able to learn a bit of the history of the temples and the religion itself while in Angkor. Khmer considered the temple as the connection of heaven and earth. The amazing stone faces with beautiful smiles will offer you a magnificent view. The relief carvings found on the temple gives a scene of a humble village life.

Angkor cave

Ficus Strangulosa tree growing over a doorway in the ancient ruins of Ta Prohm at the Angkor Wat site in Cambodia

Angkor Thom is also another temple known for its stupefying scales. The monument has numerous gates with amazing structures. You will also be able to enjoy the view of the beautiful sunset while at Angkot Thom. The temple has various elevations resembling terrace of elephants. It’s definitely the place you want to be.

Angkor temples small group tour is another activity you can engage yourself in at Angkor Thom. You will enjoy the beautiful view of various temples around the place. The tour is usually during the day. Private tours are also available though at a higher fee. The tour is usually from South gate to Angkor Thom.

Bakong is one of the temples that has been there since the earliest times. Its slightly resemble Angkor Thom but it has its own charm. It’s irresistible. The place also holds its spiritual significance for our tourists. Come enjoy the beautiful structures of the temple as you lean history about it.

Preah Khan was also build at the same time with Angkor Thom, though it is about smaller. It’s known for its victory for the military and its creatures with winged mythology. Preah Khan embodies different spiritual significance in its many temples. It’s actually a scholarly Buddhism center.

Roluos Group is composed of three temples standing separately. It’s known to be the main attraction around Siem Reap. The oldest Preah Ko is rather arranged in two rows with three big towers.  The five tiered Bakong comes after and then the Lolei.  These beautiful structures will ensure you don’t regret visiting the premises.

Countryside Horseback Riding from Siem Reap. Here you will be able to enjoy horse riding passing through the various villages.

The Baphoun temple also has beautiful walls with a diversity for beautiful features on the inside and out. Its currently known fir its magical sites of Angkor. It has pavilions and curved stones of different species providing and amazing view for our tourists.

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