Escape in Borneo

Borneo is a very huge island famously known for its beautiful beaches and biodiversity of rain forest. It’s also the home for various wild animals such as clouded leopards. Because of the rain forest, you can enjoy the fresh air as you enjoy viewing the adventurous plants and wild animals. Here are the most beautiful places to visit while at Borneo.


Boats beside a Borneo river in the jungle

Mount Kinabalu is the tallest mountain in south East Asia.  You can enjoy the breath taking hiking as you also enjoy the different plants species around. Come enjoy the spectacular sunset and a beautiful sunrise. Most of our tourists usually climb the mountain as the enjoy viewing the pitcher plants and orchids.

Kinabalu national park has the Kinabalu forest on the central part. The park is known for its largest flowers worldwide which are grown from the special Rafflesia plant. Come enjoy the fresh bright colored flowers although they easily wilt.


Sunbeam shine thru the green forest

Danum valley is also another place you would definitely love to be. Its amazing birds spotting sites as you trek around will take your breath. The valley is also famous for its wild life which can be spotted easily. Birds of different species such as blue headed pitta will be found here. For those who love diving, the Danum valley is the place to be.

Kota Kinabalu, nicknamed as KK is the capital city of Sabah. Being the city, it definitely has lots of different amazing things to explore. The city provided you with almost everything you might need during your stay at Borneo. You can visit the museums or enjoy the cultural activities in the cultural villages.

Gomantong Caves is another fascinating place to be. The caves have beautiful birds with various birds’ nests. Birds like kingfishers and Asian blue bird s will be found here. Come enjoy the walkways made of woods as you walk through in the caves. Other interesting mammals like bats will also be found here.

SORC is known for its rehabilitation of sick and injured orangutans. After rehabilitation, they are usually taken back to the wild. For those who will visit the place during that time, they will be able to see the very intelligent and funny wild creatures. You will also learn a few things about animal rehabilitation which will definitely change the way you view and handle world animals.  You will also be taught on the rehabilitation process itself. Come enjoy yourself as you play with these rare creatures.

There is a Rainforest discovery Center in Sabah. Take a ride to this wonderland and enjoy an authentic ambience. The rain forest also offers you a relaxing atmosphere that relives you from all the hustles and bustles of the day.

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