Escape Spring in La Paz

If you are looking for a getaway this spring season then thinking about exploring the La Paz city within the South American Bolivian country would be a great idea. Apart from La Paz being the administrative capital of the country, the city is also known to be the highest national capital in the world as it is located several feet above the sea level whilst atop the Andes Altiplano plateau.

La Paz

Panorama of night La Paz, Bolivia

It would be interesting for you to know that La Paz owes its existence to a canyon which was a creation of the Choqueyapu River which extends from the Northwest to the Southwest direction. The Prado section of the city is known to be the busiest and is also near to Central Park wherein the main bus terminal of the city is located.

The importance of La Paz also lies in the fact that its El Alto International Airport finds its place amongst the highest international airports world-wide. A large number of domestic and international flights operate from the airport. Reaching other South-American regions is also easily possible from the El Alto Airport as many airlines operate through the route.

La Paz Bolivia

The city of La Paz high in the Andes Mountains in Bolivia – viewed from Mirador Kilikili

Cycling and walking are other modes of transport that can be helpful for touring the city. If you ever seem to get lost in the city, you can avail the downhill route to reach the Prado neighborhood, after which you can hire a taxi, if you want to reach the downtown area. Hiring a bicycle to soak the sights of the place are other fun things that you can engage in during your stay at La Paz.

When travelling to La Paz as a tourist then a trip to Sagarnaga Street should be on your must-do list. You can buy souvenirs here for taking back home to gift your loved ones. Also various cafes, restaurants and hostels line the region which can interest the wayfarers during the La Paz sojourn.

Other tourist stops which may interest you include – the Calle Jean where you can witness a number of museums and other buildings having historical significance; Plaza Murillo where prominent governmental buildings are situated; the Witches’ market can also be visited to shop for musical instruments; the Santa Cruz street has numerous handicraft stores including wooded artifacts which are meant for hanging and a wide variety of textiles as well as other cloth pieces for the home furnishings range; dropping by at the markets held in the El Alto district on Thursdays and Sundays are additional ways in keeping yourself entertained during your stay at La Paz.

Booking your spring holiday at La Paz can assure you of one thing and that is you will never get bored with the city offerings as there is so much to do when visiting the county.

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