Escape in the Black Forest

Black Forest

Black Forest in Germany. Orange Evening Sun shines through the golden foggy Woods. Magical Autumn Forrest. Colorful Fall Leaves. Romantic Background. Sunrays before Sunset

Europa Park

This is one of the leading theme Parks in the world. You do not want to miss being part of the celebration as Europa Park celebrates its 49th anniversary. Over 100 million visitors because of its fascinating themes and attractions tour this destination. It includes European themed destination with a typical architecture and mouthwatering foods. The

Village in germany

The village of Schiltach in the Black Forest, Germany

flora and fauna in this destination offers you a perfect at atmosphere for your holiday sessions. Most visitors are attracted to the WODAN-Timburcoaster, a wooden roller coaster and the Blue Fire Megacoaster, which is usually powered by GAZPROM. If you wish to take a break from the usual dreary monotony, you will find yourself lock in Germany’s most sought for hotels at the Park. Some of the 4 star hotels here include Castillo Alcazar and El Andaluz hotels. Enjoy an authentic ambience at the park as you delve into a lifetime romantic moment. You may also choose to relax in the Tepee Village, where Wild West enthusiasts gather in the Red Indian Tents for a night.

Open Air museum Vogtsbauernhof

This is where you will get an insight of the history and culture of Black Forest. Date back to over 400 years ago and learn about the life and culture of the natives of this fascinating destination. This destination includes fully furnished farmhouses representing different regions of Black Forest. The architecture at this destination is spectacular and a must see. You will also experience a living history including witnessing old handcrafts in action. Visitors are usually invited to take part in a number of traditional events. Do not miss the Christmas market where handmade items are displayed and sold.

Spa and Water Paradise

This is a most toured tropical oasis that includes a poolside bar under the shades of exotic Caribbean palms. This destination guarantees you a peaceful evening to relax. Ensure you pamper yourself with the thematic saunas and the steam rooms. There are also a wide variety of wellness treatments you might want to enjoy. You do not want to miss these unforgettable moments in this tropical destination. If you are full of life, you might want to visit the Galaxy Shwarzwald, which offers you active excitement and fun. It includes a number of high tech water slides for a quality outdoor time. This is a perfect destination for family holidays because it offers everything that suites every age. Children love to float on the waves in the spectacular pool.


This is an amazing outdoor activity you cannot miss to take part on your trip at the black forest. Carry your safety gear and join the many thousands of hikers.

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