Romance in Czech Republic

If you are feeling that it is high time for a romantic holiday, then you should probably spend it in Prague. This place has a long history which adds on to the beauty of this city. Many a times it is compared to Paris, which is often called the city of fashion and love.


Vltava river and cityscape of Prague, Czech Republic

One of the top picks of enjoying holidays in Prague is its castle, which is often the most celebrated attraction in this city. The palace just looks like it came directly from story books to get appreciated by those who see it. It can also be stated as a cultural and artistic hub for the people of Czech Republic. This palace stands tall as having the largest area covered for an ancient castle. You can take tour of the palace and enjoy the history of this place with your loved one.

Prague Night view

Evening View of The Vltava River and Bridges in Prague , Czech Republic

An even better place to be in Prague is the Charles’s bridge where music blends in with a splendid look of the dawning sun. The bridge is only used for pedestrian purpose and most of the times it’s filled with fun and cheerfulness. This place is really great for all those photographers who are in search of that perfect shot or those selfie enthusiasts who needs a famous backdrop.

If you love beer like most of the people in this world, then you will really love the beer museum. Though the name suggests some old history associated with it, but it’s a pub where beer lovers do check in a lot. You would like to taste the variety of beers served at this ever energetic place. The city also offers you a beer garden where you can enjoy the sunshine while sipping on your favourite liquid. The place becomes quite serene for couples who can relax and enjoy the breeze with some booze.

The city has a rich taste in music too and when you are on a romantic holiday, then good music can just beats the cherry on the cake. If you are interested in classical music, then you can take your loved one to Prague state opera where you can enjoy operas. If you visit this place in August or in September then you will also get to enjoy the Verdi festival for unconventional music.

All in all, if you are not interested in going typical places then you can choose Prague for a hint of difference in your holidays, from those conventional tourists’ destinations.

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