Ideal Escapes in Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park occupies over 2 million hectares of land with a wide range of wildlife, archeological and historical sites. This park is sometimes referred to as the beauty of Africa. The wildlife experience earned at this beautiful wonderland is ranked as Africa’s Best. Kruger National Park was established in the year 1898 in order to protect South Africa’s wildlife. Since then, it has been known for being the leader in environmental management techniques in the world.



Amazing sunset in Kruger National Park

With over 366 species of trees, Kruger National Park boasts of a beautiful ambience that provides you a relaxing atmosphere on your trip. The park also includes over 49 species of fish, 147 species of Mammals and over 507 species of birds. If you are a reptile enthusiast, you will come across over 114 species of reptiles. How did man interact with this attractive atmosphere over 1000 years ago? You will learn about the lives of the native residents of this land and their culture.

If you love artwork, you will definitely be amazed with the various rock paintings by the Bushmen. The park also includes magnificent archeological sites such as Thulamela and Masorini. Here you will come across fascinating historical buildings, creatively designed by our fore masters. Kruger National Park also boasts of a wide range of events and African cultures which have played a fundamental role in preserving the beauty of this park. There are also breathtaking campsites for day visitors. The camps sites have a number of picnic spots for an African dining experience. At this picnic spots, you can hire gas skottels for cooking at the campsite.

Kruger Hipo

Happy Hippos swimming in their home, Kruger National Park

The Park and Ride Scheme at Kruger National Park allow you to take a ride in the national park and view some of the fascinating attractions in the park. First and foremost, take a ride around the park to view The Big Five. This is a term that refers to 5 most difficult to hunt animals in the world. They include, Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and Lion. Interestingly, all these animals are found in this park.

Do not forget to view the little five too. These include the Buffalo Weaver, Leopard Tortoise, Rhino Beetle, Elephant Shrew and the Ant Lion. Learn how these animals interact with each other and their hunting tactics.

Have you ever seen the Ground Hornbill? And what about the Lappet faced Vulture? Well, if not yet, Kruger National Park is the place to be. You will also come across the Martial Eagle, Saddle bill Stork and the Pel’s Fishing Owl.

The Albasini Ruins are also a must visit. Make sure you stop by Lataba Elephant Museum and enjoy fascinating views of the world’s biggest elephant. You will also learn about the behavior of these animals and also how they interact with the environment.

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