Autumn Holidays In Salzburg

Salzburg is one of the best tourist spot if you are thinking where to spend your autumn holidays. The city claims to be the birthplace of Mozart and is full of splendid castles, beautiful museums and wonderful gardens. It is said that Salzburg is most lively cities in the world whether it is day or night.  Autumn season is best to explore this place as the weather and atmosphere is totally amazing. Here are some best places you can visit in Salzburg.


A panoramic view of Salzburg in Austria

Mozart’s Birthplace

In Salzburg, number 9 Getreidegasse is the house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on 27th January 1756. Nowadays, Mozart’s Birthplace is loaded with amazing features which includes rooms that were occupied by Mozart family. You can also see some of the attractive mementos of Mozart such as Mozart’s portraits, violin and original scores. On 2nd floor, there is an exhibition known as ‘Mozart in the Theater’ with plenty of illuminated miniature stages showing his various achievements.

Hohensalzburg Castle


Hohensalzburg castle above Salzburg old town, Austria

Salzburg is also pretty famous for the fortress of Hohensalzburg. The original castle was constructed in 1077 but is as similar as what it is today.  The fortress is full of plenty of interesting arched defensive gateways. Other features of the castle are small and beautiful church of St. George and unique Salzburg Bull, an organ that still plays and echo the carillon in the Neugebaude.

Salzburg’s Festival Theaters

Salzburg is very popular for the music festivals, a fact that has demonstrated in the form of numerous concert halls and historic theaters. These building are loaded with small Haus fur Mozart and large Festspielhaus and in between a foyer with nice frescoes and the Karl Bohm Hall, all are used for receptions, exhibitions and sporting amazing 17th century frescoes.

The Franciscan Church

This is one of the most famous churches in Salzburg. Interesting features of this church is high roof of the choir and a tower on the side. Inside the church there is a dark 13th century Romanesque nave matching with the bright, high 15th century Gothic choir.

Schloss Mirabell and Gardens

This amazing Mirabellplatz, Schloss Mirabell was rejuvenated in Baroque style in 1721. Features of this include a grand awesome Staircase made in 18th century with plenty of statues by Georg Raphael Donner and his students. Other attractions are Schloss Mirabell Baroque Museum and a Marble hall.

Hallein and the Celtic Museum

On the Salbach River, this old Celtic town of Hallein is a wonderful place. The fantastic statues, gateways, little streets and historic homes are eye catching stuffs. As it is the birthplace of organist Franz Xaver Gruber, you will find the Celtic Museum. Other amazing features include displays of finds from the La Tene and Hallstatt and also history of town guilds and portraying local customs.

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