Experimental holidays in Vancouver must be nice

Considered one of the most culturally diverse cities in North America, Vancouver is among Canada’s most popular tourist destinations and it is visited by visitors of all kinds from every corner of the world. The city is a sanctuary of relaxation, enjoyment, exploration and any other nice treat that you may like to enjoy during your holiday. If you would love to have a one of a kind vacation experience, then you should definitely try a cultural holiday in Vancouver. The city offers a whole lot of attractions, events and festivals that you will find really exciting for your cultural retreat.

Vancouver mountains

Mountain in Vancouver area

The Museum of Vancouver is usually a great place for you to begin your exploration of the city’s culture. Located close to Burrard Bridge in the Vanier Park, the museum is a considerably large institution and is majorly devoted to everything related to Vancouver. The museum tells the history of the city dating back to the initial Coast Salish Communities and cutting through Japan Town through to Urban Development. The museum which is open on a daily basis admits adults, students and seniors. Museum of Vancouver is a great place to be for those looking for the best spot in which to spend a cultural holiday. It is highly rich in the history of the region and tells quite a lot about its culture.


Vancouver at night

The city of Vancouver offers another popular museum known as the Museum of Anthropology. This is another place that you will find amazing in your trip to learn more on the culture of Vancouver. What makes the museum even more interesting is the fact that it not only deals with the culture of the city but also with the culture from all around the planet. It is however mostly dedicated to the first nations of British Columbia. A lot of historic items are displayed in the Museum of Anthropology some of which include native art and archaeological items from places such as Asia, Africa, Europe, America as well as South Pacific. The building itself has its own history as being a World War II era fort which was later transformed into a state of the art museum by an architect known as Arthur Erickson.

Taking a trip to the Kitsilano Beach is a great way for you to add fun to your holiday. Besides the incredible sandy shoreline that the beach offers, it also gives a picturesque view of the mountain backdrop. The area is also rich in cafes in which you can have retreat to for a meal and walking trails for you to enjoy some outdoor activity.

Downtown Vancouver is the perfect place for you to stay for a better experience of the city. It is a vibrant city that people visit to work, shop, explore and visit the unique attractions it offers. The city has luxury hotels, mid-range hotels as well as budget hotels. It is therefore a guarantee that you will always get a hotel that suits your budget and offers the services that you need.

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