The Wonderful Galapagos Archipelago

Galapagos Island is known for its amazing destination for people who love viewing world life. It has a diverse of plants and animal species most of which are not found anywhere else apart from Galapagos Island. This is why the place is famously known tourist attraction center. While in Galapagos Island, you can involve yourself in various activities like touring around the place by bikes and other exciting activities. Here are the best places to visit while in this amazing island.


Isabella Island is considered the largest island in Galapagos. Its tropical island that has a very unique geology that keeps ensuring that tourist keep on flowing to the area. Most people come here to view the spectacular uplifting of the Urvina Bay and Bolivar channels. Come enjoy the beautiful world animals that dominate our island. You will have the privileged to see the Galapagos Tortoises and other species of birds from the tropics. Talk of marine iguanas, penguin and cormorants. You can also enjoy the sandy beaches as you also enjoy yourself at the tortoise breeding center

Galapagos Islands

Toy dinosaur in the Galapagos.

Charlse Darwin research station is another place you would love to go. This center will provide you with amazing information about the habitats and local conservation of various animal species. The place also has a breeding center for tortoise with tortoises of different sizes and shapes.  You will also have the owner of seen the oldest tortoise which has lived for over ninety years at our research center. You can even take photos with the tortoises are you walk freely amongst them.

Canal Del Amor also called love channel is one of the amazing places to visit too. Here you can come enjoy yourself mostly with your fiancée. The most interesting part about the channel is that, it’s embedded in mountainous rocks. Come enjoy viewing reef sharks and birds at the love channel. For those who love snorkeling and swimming, the channel has provisions for these. Come enjoy our water animals and other flora.

The Cerro Brujo which is also called wizard Hills is among the most amazing beach which golden white sand. You will also enjoy watching several species of birds as you relax at the beach. The name comes from its resemblance to the wizard’s hat. This place is also known to be the home of frigate birds, marine iguanas crabs and even sea turtle. Come busk on the sun while lying on the lava rocks as you enjoy the view of groups of migratory birds from nearby lagoons.

Tortuga Bay Beach is also one of the famous beaches at Galapagos with shiny white sand. It’s also known for its beautiful wildlife. The beach has a special place for surfing and another for snorkeling and swimming. The waves though; can be strong.  You will also be lucky to see very beautiful and colorful rays and reef sharks. Famous birds like flamingoes and pelicans are found here.

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