Spending Holidays At The Lucerne Festival

What makes a great November? Is it a great holiday ahead of Christmas? Certainly. What if we told you that there is something better than having a holiday in November? Yes, if you have a holiday lined up in the next month, then you must certainly think about attending the Lucerne Festival. This Swiss music festival is all about enjoying the most sonorous and amazing tunes on the planet while immersing yourself in an exclusive Swiss experience.


The Chapel Bridge and Lake Lucerne, in the city of Lucerne, Switzerland.

The festival started in 1938 to celebrate music in the beautiful Swiss summer. A number of concerts took place during the early days of the festival of the Wagner’s Villa. The ensembles were composed of many artists working solo or with orchestras. Arturo Toscanini conducted the festival. Most of these artists used to perform in numerous Austrian and German music festivals like Salzburg festival and the Bayreuth festival. However, as the Nazi regime was gaining ground, many found refuge in the more peaceful Swiss Land and started performing here. Notable artists included Bruno Walter and Fritz Busch who became a part of this festival.

Jean Nouvel designed the Lucerne Culture and Congress Center in the year 2004, a place which has been the seat of this amazing festival since then. In the same year, Pierre Boulez also founded the Lucerne Festival Academy where many young musicians come to train for modern musical performances. The resident ensembles here are the Lucerne Festival Strings and the Lucerne Festival Orchestra. Most people visiting Lucerne come here to listen to the mind blowing tunes of these two ensembles. Claudio Abbado, the Italian genius music conductor was leading the ensembles until his death recently.

A number of guest orchestras perform here along with numerous solo artists who mesmerize the audience with their recitals. The concerts are lively and filled with a musical ambience unmatched in any other festival. The most notable guest orchestras of the festival are the London Symphony Orchestra, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Cleveland Orchestras, Berlin Philharmonic, Vienna Philharmonic and Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra.

If you love music, then spending your time in this festival would be a treat to your senses. Get to hear some of the most defining tunes by the best masters of music of our times in Lucerne. Tickets are available for sale now. Great hotels are also available in nearby regions where you can enjoy a comfortable stay and also get a chance to connect with fellow music lovers.

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