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Gion Matsuri in Japan is the most popular festival. One of the most historical and largest of all. Its usually takes place in July with various spectacular events. The Yamaboko Junko being the grand event. It is the most enjoyable event that involves procession of floats. You can learn the history of the festival and understand the impressive hook. It’s usually a ceremony through which the gods are appeased whenever there is an epidemic. If you are in Kyoto for the Gion Matsuri Festival, here are some of the events you must attend.


Autumn Color at Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, Japan

Three days before the procession, you can enjoy viewing the yama and hoke which are usually displayed at Kamo river opposite Gion Matsuri. You can event enter the floats as a tourist. The most exciting part comes in the evening when all the streets are closed and the place is flowered with food stands and drink vendors. The three festive evenings which lead to the procession are usually amazing. It’s typically called Yoiyama. You can enjoy the Yoiyama evening parties on the street.

During the procession of floats, you can book for seats at the city hall or rather find wonderful viewpoint since the event takes place in a three kilometer route. This is to ensure you are not troubled viewing the procession. You will also enjoy observing the floats changing direction especially when you are near the comers.


On the streets on Kyoto at night

The assembling of floats is also an enjoyable event. Just before the procession, the floats are assembled on the major streets in down town. A lot of eating and drinking is involved. You can also enjoy the view of treasure in houses as the front doors of various houses are opened for people to see.

Mikoshi procession is also another interesting event you would never want to miss. It involves carrying a portable shrine on shoulders of young local men out of the ground of shrine through the town of mikoshi. Come enjoy the view of the beautiful shrine as it’s taken through mikoshi town.

You can also be lucky to see traditional wedding for Japanese and enjoy river side dinning while at Kyoto Yuka.  You can also visit the museum and view various Japanese art and tradition and at the same time enjoy Japanese gallery exhibitions. You can also enjoy the traditional dance performances and tea ceremony. There is usually a grand parade just before they move across the town. It’s usually amazing and they put on colorful clothes making the event marvelous. There is also a purification ceremony followed by the umbrella procession. Come enjoy yourself at Kyoto festival in Japan.

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