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If you are in Brazil for your holiday, I bet Salvador is a must visit. The Capital of Bahia is commonly referred to as the birth place of Brazil. Here, you will find African, Indian and Portuguese cultures, which are fused to create a beautiful and colorful country of Brazil.  Carnival is known for hosting the world’s greatest street party. The Bahian Carnival is celebrated every year in the state of Bahia in Brazil. This amazing event lasts for a whole six days, beginning on Thursday to Wednesday in the following week. Other events in Carnival add up to 12 days of street party. You do not want to miss this.


Downtown Salvador Brazil skyline features a crumbling infrastructure of colorful old buildings

This festival takes place simultaneously at various locations. The Campo Grande Track, located up town, is the most famous event. Other destinations include the Barra Ondina Track, located at the shore and the Peleorhino Track. The most interesting part about this festival is that it includes a wide variety of rhythms with performances from a number of music groups. The Trio Electricio are the most traditional and popular presentations. Do no miss out on the Afro Blocks Presentations. Every year, over 1.5 million tourists attend this tremendous function.

Washing of the Stairway is a traditional event held in Carnival to grace the main festival. This event takes place every 2nd Thursday of January.

Salvador festival mask

Salvador Festival Mask

The Salvador Summer Festival takes place during the last week of January. A number of hot Polyrhythms visit this destination to conquer your hips and heart. You will be shimmying and shaking to every beat.

No other place comes close to Carnival relative to parties and large crowds. You will see a lot of beautiful Brazilian ladies in feathers on top of the floaters of a la Carnival Rio. The official opening of the Carnival festival is usually before Ash Wednesday. A symbolic key to this beautiful city is given to King Momo, who then declares the festival officially open and the party begins.

Parades are the main events that take place here. After the end of the parade, there is the trio electricios. During this event, there is no separation between the audience and block members. Your favorite local and international artists will be performing during the parades and at the dispersion center. As the party nears the end, there are a wide variety of ending as well as post ending events .  The Voa Voa Track starts on Wednesday morning. The last event before the Carnival Festival comes to an end is referred to as arrastao. Do not miss to attend this event because you will miss a lot. Not every visitor wants to leave this city. Tour Salvador and experience a difference.

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