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Kandy festival is the best place to be while in Sri Lanka. It’s a beautiful place where you can enjoy elephant rides. It has an elephant orphanage where you can enjoy viewing elephants and even participate in the feeding them. As you ride an elephant in water, you will also enjoy a shower as the elephant sprays water from their trunk to you. It’s definitely a place you must visit.

Kandy Sri Lanka

Ruins in Sigiriya rock in Kandy. Sri Lanka

Kandy is also known for the royal botanical garden. This is the most beautiful garden you have ever seen. It has different plants species such as spices, palm trees and orchids. You can spends hours enjoying the magnificent view of the orchid’s area.

The international Buddhist museum is another place to visit while at Kandy festival. Here, you will be able to learn how Buddhism started and how it spread to other people. For people who love museums, this is definitely the first place to visit while at Kandy.


KANDY, SRI LANKA – AUGUST 8: Pera Hera festival in Kandy by night to celebrate the tooth of Buddha August 08,2013, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

After enjoying beautiful views and activities at Kandy, you may need refreshments and Kandy city center is the best place to shop. It’s a commercial shopping complex you would love to shop. You can buy souvenirs or other goods at very cheap and affordable prices.

Kandy festival also has provisions for traditional dance performances like kandyan dances. It’s the most beautiful dance to see. You will also have the privilege of seeing the performers walking on fire while on their bare foot. This is something you would never want to miss.

There is also a Kandy lake where you can walk around enjoying the view. The scenery is wonderful. While at the lake, you can also enjoy a view of the temple of tooth which is just next to the lake. It also has various peace spots that you can sit and just view the lake. You will also enjoy the view of the palm trees and the island which is also full of bamboo thickets. The place is magnificent.

You can also go to the spice garden where you will learn about plants like cinnamon and aloe vera. You will enjoy the interesting explanation given by the guide about all the species and plants in spice garden. For those who love gardens, just get a taxi to be taken to spice garden. You will have a good time there.

The Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa) is another place you need to explore while at Kandy festival. Its Buddhist temple and its very beautiful. It’s the most holly and famous shrine. You will be able to see monks during the daily worship. For those interested in the Buddhists, come enjoy the rituals and the beautiful feeling of being in the temple. You can also see tooth boxes though they are usually behind glass windows.

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