Escape ideal in Barcelona


Lilac face. Drawing or Graffiti, made in a wall of Barcelona.

1 Walk in Barcelona and discover the unmistakable Works of Antoni Gaudi that show his original approach of Art Nouveau style.

2 Las Ramblas is the best place to fill the city thrill, admire the human statues or enjoy a jug of sangria if you are here for the first time.

3 Experience the world of science in an interactive visit at Museum of Science – CosmoCaixa. The science, environment or space, all are present here in permanent or temporary exhibitions.

Barcelona View

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

4 La Plaça de Catalunya is the starting place for the famous Las Ramblas and Passeig de Gràcia. This huge square is decorated with statues and fountains illuminated in the night.

5 How the chocolate got in Europe, how is it manufactured, is it food, medicine or an aphrodisiac? Visit Xocolata Museum, one of the smallest museum of Barcelona and you will find the answers. Feel the chocolate smell all-around and finally eat your ticket that is a chocolate piece!

6 After the tumult of the city streets, take a rest in the Guell Park, a composition of gardens and architectonic works very original, as the entire work of Gaudi. Its main terrace is the focal landmark. The beach that surrounds it has the shape of a serpent.

7 Enjoy the nature and art in the Labyrinths Park. Divided in two: the neoclassical garden and the romantic garden, the visitors can find here, statues, fountains, flowers beds, small squares and of course, the labyrinth that gave its name.

8 Don’t leave Barcelona before see a Flamenco Show in one of the dance clubs. Dedicate one of your holiday evenings to this unique experience!

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